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Mayweather vs Pacquiao – New PED Accusations

Posted on 2 May, 2012, by in Boxing

Floyd Mayweather, no matter what fight he’s preparing for and promoting, will get asked about Manny Pacquiao and why the two haven’t already stepped in the ring. Usually, it’s the same answers over and over. Heading into his fight with Cotto, Mayweather unleashed a 10 minute rant accusing Pacquiao once again for using PEDs. More

Is Floyd Mayweather Afraid of Manny Pacquiao?

Posted on 5 Mar, 2012, by in Boxing

Floyd Mayweather has said recently, more than once, that the main reason his fight with Manny Pacquiao hasn’t happened is money. Simple as that. But in a recent interview on NBC with Bob Costas, Mayweather spoke about health and life after boxing, maybe showing a different side to the never ending saga. More