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Dee Gordon Honored Jose Fernandez With the Most Important Home Run This Season

Posted on 27 Sep, 2016, by in MLB

Officially, the New York Mets coming to play the Miami Marlins was about one team trying to make the playoffs, the other trying to get in the way of their division rival. More

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Jose Fernandez, Miami Marlins Pitcher, Dies in Boat Accident

Posted on 25 Sep, 2016, by in MLB

A terrible tragedy for the Fernandez family, the Miami Marlins organization and Baseball in general as reports are coming in of the death of All-Star pitcher Jose Fernandez in a boating accident. More


MLB Rumors: Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs & Dodgers Will Try to Trade for Jose Fernandez in the Offseason

Posted on 18 Sep, 2016, by in MLB

Although the baseball postseason is on most people’s mind right now, no one is neglecting the potential signings for next season. The Miami Marlins might try and offload Jose Fernandez before he becomes too expensive. In that case, the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox will be happy to enter a trade with them. More


MLB Rumors: Cardinals, Astros, Marlins & Others Get to see Lourdes Gurriel in Action

Posted on 15 Sep, 2016, by in MLB

It’s probably easier to count the teams that didn’t send a scout or two to watch Lourdes Gurriel in his workout, with 60 to 70 scouts attending his workout in Panama City, hoping that the 22-year old Cuban prospect is a good as they thought he’d be. More

Jose Fernandez, Chris Sale

MLB Rumors: New York Yankees Will Try to Trade for Jose Fernandez or Chris Sale in the Offseason

Posted on 5 Sep, 2016, by in MLB

One of the things the New York Yankees did before the final month of the season was add plenty of young talent and prospects, not just dump expensive bullpen pitchers. The thought process behind it is working a trade that will land them Jose Fernandez or Chris Sale. More

Giancarlo Stanton

MLB Rumors: Miami Marlins Hopeful Giancarlo Stanton Can Still Play This Season

Posted on 29 Aug, 2016, by in MLB

The Miami Marlins are a bit more optimistic than previously about their playoff aspirations upon finding out that Giancarlo Stanton might be available for some regular season time, hoping he can back before the end of September. More

Jose Fernandez

MLB Rumors: Marlins Looking for Additions, Hoping for Injury Returns

Posted on 23 Aug, 2016, by in MLB

We’re already in late August, but with the postseason a real possibility in 2016 for the Miami Marlins, the team is still looking to add players to the mix, while hoping to get back some of their injured players as soon as possible. More

Shelby Miller

MLB Rumors: Arizona Diamondbacks, Miami Marlins & Shelby Miller Trade That Didn’t Happen

Posted on 22 Aug, 2016, by in MLB

One of the more interesting storylines this season is how badly the Arizona Diamondbacks have been doing, specifically focusing on the disastrous (so far) Shelby Miller trade, Turns out, before completing one season with the team, he was almost traded to the Miami Marlins. More

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MLB Rumors: Miami Marlins Need to Find a Fill-in for Giancarlo Stanton

Posted on 15 Aug, 2016, by in MLB

The Miami Marlins are aiming for their first winning season in 7 years, and perhaps their first playoff appearance in 13, but without Giancarlo Stanton, announced to be injured and out for the season, it’s going to be very difficult. Bringing in Alex Rodriguez is suddenly a more likely option, but not one that can make up for what they lose with Stanton. More

Alex Rodriguez

MLB Rumors: Miami Marlins or Anyone Else Signing Alex Rodriguez Doesn’t Make Sense

Posted on 11 Aug, 2016, by in MLB

When Alex Rodriguez is released by the New York Yankees, the assumption that he’ll automatically become part of the coaching staff might be wrong. He could be waiting for an offer, with the Tampa Bay Rays and the Miami Marlins linked to him a number of times. However, it just doesn’t make sense to sign Rodriguez, even as a two-three month rental. More