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Charlotte Hornets Season Preview: Kemba Walker, Nicolas Batum & Counting on Very Unreliable Players

Posted on 4 Aug, 2016, by in NBA

After the best regular season since the rebirth of NBA basketball in Charlotte, the Charlotte Hornets enter the 2016-2017 season with high expectations, relying on Kemba Walker to remain their offensive anchor, on Steve Clifford to improve as an offensive head coach, and maybe more than anything hoping that Nicolas Batum and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist stay healthy. More

Jeremy Lin Important Again for the Charlotte Hornets “Thanks” to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Injury

Posted on 12 Feb, 2016, by in NBA

Just when things were going so well for the Charlotte Hornets, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is once again out with the same injury that made him miss half the season in the first place. This will mean more minutes for Jeremy Lin, naturally, among other players, but doesn’t make him a starting player again. More

Jeremy Lin Not Getting More Minutes From the Charlotte Hornets Without Someone Getting Injured

Posted on 10 Feb, 2016, by in NBA

Once again, despite the preseason promises and indications during the first half of the season, Jeremy Lin finds himself in familiar territory, only on the Charlotte Hornets and not the Los Angeles Lakers or Houston Rockets: If Kemba Walker, Nicolas Batum or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist don’t pick up any injuries, Lin isn’t going to see a lot of playing time from now until the end of the season. More

Jeremy Lin a Shell of His Former Self on a Red Hot Charlotte Hornets

Posted on 9 Feb, 2016, by in NBA

Like it or hate it, the Charlotte Hornets don’t seem to be missing Jeremy Lin much for now. It’s not that he’s injured or out for whatever reason, but in two of the three games since he’s been demoted back to the bench and took a big hit to his playing time, even the minutes he did get didn’t really seem to matter. More

Jeremy Lin Running Out of Reasons to Stay Another Season with the Charlotte Hornets

Posted on 8 Feb, 2016, by in NBA

The healthy version of the Charlotte Hornets, with Steve Clifford preferring Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum pairing in the backcourt while Michael Kidd-Gilchrist starts at small forward leaves very little room for Jeremy Lin, which is bad for both him and the team. More

Jeremy Lin Clutch for the Charlotte Hornets, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Need Him Bad

Posted on 7 Feb, 2016, by in NBA

The Charlotte Hornets pick up a nice win in a close game with the Washington Wizards, beating them 108-104 with Jeremy Lin, who had another forgettable game hitting two huge shots in the final 35 seconds that clinched the win, while Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum get to run the team without interruption and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist gets cast aside for it. More

Jeremy Lin to Start, Kemba Walker off the Bench Should be What the Charlotte Hornets do Next

Posted on 5 Feb, 2016, by in NBA

There’s a learning curve for teams with players that haven’t together for a very long time. The Charlotte Hornets, with plenty of changes in the offseason, especially when it comes to adding Jeremy Lin and Nicolas Batum to Kemba Walker, while Michael Kidd-Gilchrist misses half a season before making his debut, has to be confusing sometimes for everyone involved. More

Jeremy Lin, Nicolas Batum & Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Make the Charlotte Hornets Play the Right Basketball

Posted on 4 Feb, 2016, by in NBA

In a game that seemed like a loss before it even began, the ability of Jeremy Lin to lead a team when he has the chance to be the point guard without interruptions, allowed the Charlotte Hornets to pick up a huge 106-97 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, with another big game from Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, excellent shooting from Marvin Williams and Frank Kaminsky, and all this without Kemba Walker on the floor. More

Jeremy Lin Hobbles, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Bounces & the Charlotte Hornets Cruise

Posted on 1 Feb, 2016, by in NBA

The West coast tour ends with a 101-82 win for the Charlotte Hornets against the Los Angeles Lakers. Jeremy Lin didn’t exactly shine “thanks” to an ankle injury but enjoyed watching Kobe Bryant & Byron Scott lose another game, while Marvin Williams and an aggressive and energetic Michael Kidd-Gilchrist pick up the scoring mantle. More

Notes on Jeremy Lin, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Walker-Batum & Rest of the Charlotte Hornets Season

Posted on 31 Jan, 2016, by in NBA

The Charlotte Hornets finish their Western conference tour in a state of flux. Nicolas Batum just coming back and doing more harm than good, Jeremy Lin injured and not given the credit he deserves, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist returning without any transition phase, Steve Clifford confusing us with sudden creativity and chance taking in an almost lost game and one Kemba Walker, who plays the same way and seems to be unaffected with everything around him, while not affecting anything himself. More