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The Worst Soccer Dives in History

Posted on 4 Feb, 2011, by in Featured

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, but it still has its flaws. Number one: Diving. Here are the ten most pathetic (and somewhat funny) dives we managed to find. More

Why Soccer Sucks #1 – Diving

Posted on 28 Oct, 2010, by in Soccer

Most popular sport in the world, but also tons of people, especially in the United States, don’t care (or worse) for soccer. Many Reasons. My strongest deterring reason? Diving that goes un-punished. More

Manchester United Avoid CSKA Upset, Through to Knockout Stage

Posted on 3 Nov, 2009, by in Soccer

Champions League Group B – Manchester United draw at home with CSKA Moscow 3-3, qualifying to the knockout stage while Wolfsburg grab an impressive 3-0 win against Besiktas. More