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Brooklyn Nets – This Season Will be More Depressing Than Before

Posted on 16 Oct, 2014, by in NBA

The most expensive team in the history of the NBA when you count in luxury tax, and the Brooklyn Nets are slowly decaying. Maybe it’s just a phase, but it seems like more of a slippery slope to irrelevance, without putting on the kind of basketball shows that make people feel happy that they’re watching. More

Brooklyn Nets: Cracking The Two-Team Theory

Posted on 13 Mar, 2014, by in NBA

With every game and win, it gets more convincing – the Brooklyn Nets are for real, and their third win this season over the Miami Heat makes them a real threat to the previous two-horse race concept in the Eastern conference, finding the right kind of formula, led by Paul Pierce who keeps on shining when he sees LeBron James in front of him, and getting plenty of help from Shaun Livingston and Mirza Teletovic. More