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LeBron James’ Road to Another NBA Finals Isn’t Paved Yet

Posted on 7 Apr, 2018, by in NBA

The injuries that are sinking the Boston Celtics ship this season might have more to do with the Toronto Raptors reaching the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history than with LeBron James carrying on with his streak of taking his teams there, currently alive at 7, with number 8 a possibility. More

LeBron James, 2017 NBA finals, Game 1

NBA Finals: Warriors Defense, Durant & Curry Make Game 1 Miserable for Cavs & LeBron

Posted on 2 Jun, 2017, by in NBA

Too easy, and they weren’t even that good on offense. Led by an effortless masterpiece from Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors took a 1-0 lead in the 2017 NBA finals, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-91 in game 1, making LeBron James look old. More

LeBron James 2013 NBA Finals

LeBron James in the NBA Finals Through the Years

Posted on 28 May, 2017, by in NBA

It’s hard to imagine the NBA finals without LeBron James, partly because there have been so few without him. He’s about to play for the championship once again, a 7th … More

4 Sporting Events to Look Forward to in 2017 After the Super Bowl

Posted on 8 Feb, 2017, by in College Basketball, MLB, NBA, NHL

The Super Bowl coming and going leaves some American Football fans wondering what to do with their lives in 2017. There’s plenty to look forward to, with the conclusion of the seasons in college basketball, the NBA and NHL coming in the next few months. And it’s not just ending; Baseball season is almost upon us, with opening day in April, kicking off the 2017 season which will last through October. More

NBA Finals – Warriors vs Cavaliers Game 6 Predictions

Posted on 16 Jun, 2016, by in NBA

Another do-or-die Finals game for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, while the Golden State Warriors, in the lead heading into game 6 of the series, are getting Draymond Green back. More

NBA Rumors – Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, LeBron James or Kyrie Irving Will Win the Finals MVP

Posted on 15 Jun, 2016, by in NBA

It’s not that bold of a statement when you put the names of four players on the shortlist for Finals MVP: LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson. However, we’re not going to see Andre Iguodala or Draymond Green win the award, unless something really stunning happens in the final game or two. More

NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Need LeBron James & Kyrie Irving Like This Every Time

Posted on 14 Jun, 2016, by in NBA

A historic scoring performance by Kyrie Irving and LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 112-97 win over the Golden State Warriors in game 5 of the NBA Finals, now trailing 3-2 behind the defending champions. More

Stephen Curry Answering Critics, LeBron James Looking Old

Posted on 13 Jun, 2016, by in NBA

As we get closer and closer to game 5 and maybe the end of the 2016 NBA Finals, it’s interesting to see the narratives shifting from game to game, especially the ones involving Stephen Curry and LeBron James. More

NBA Finals – Cavaliers vs Warriors Game 5 Predictions

Posted on 13 Jun, 2016, by in NBA

The Golden State Warriors can win back-to-back NBA championships, taking a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals into game 5. But they’ll be attempting it without Draymond Green, suspended for his part in the scuffle with LeBron James. More

NBA Finals – Golden State Warriors Find Answers, Cleveland Cavaliers Play Stupid

Posted on 11 Jun, 2016, by in NBA

Making adjustments on the fly meant the world to the Golden State Warriors, taking a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals following their 108-97 win against the Cleveland Cavaliers, turning the game around in the second half, while LeBron James finds himself one loss away from losing a third consecutive finals series. More