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Kevin Durant Doesn’t Need Michael Jordan or Tim Duncan Comparisons

Posted on 8 Jun, 2012, by in NBA

The annoying thing about Kevin Durant’s fantastic postseason? The constant comparisons to players from the past, who completely miss the point and the essence of how good Kevin Durant and why the Oklahoma City Thunder are destined for greatness. More

NBA – The Face of a Franchise

Posted on 9 Aug, 2010, by in NBA

Who’s the first player you think of when you think of team “X”? That’s what this post is all about – not who was the best player in the history of the team and franchise, but who do you think of when you think of… you get the point. So we questioned everyone in the Sportige offices, did a little soul searching and asked some random fans about the subject. Here is what we came up with. More

The Shaquille O’Neal Story, So Far…

Posted on 8 Aug, 2010, by in NBA

Is this Shaq’s final year? Forget the debate about him tarnishing his legacy by whoring around the league with any team that has a title shot and will have him – It’s better to remember the past, when he was dominant like few ever were. Before O’Neal begins the “Geriatric Park” adventure with the Celtics here’s a brief look at his career with photos and some words. More

The LeBron James Story, So Far…

Posted on 25 Jul, 2010, by in NBA

He may be the best player in the league, with hopes of being the greatest ever, although his latest actions have hurt his chances severely, at least from a subjective point of view. Here’s LeBron James’ story through photos and some words. More

Top Ten NBA Blocks Leaders of All Time

Posted on 4 May, 2010, by in NBA

Continuing with the defensive stats, here we are with the NBA’s top 10 shot blockers of all time and checking in on the active players chasing this group and how far does is Dwight Howard for the leading pack. More