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Brandon Jacobs Gets Money From 6-Year Old Giants Fan

Posted on 7 Jun, 2012, by in NFL

Why isn’t Brandon Jacobs a New York Giants player anymore? Well, they didn’t have enough money to keep him (and others), leading him to sign with the San Francisco 49ers. Upon hearing that he ‘doesn’t have enough money’, a 6-year-old fan of the Giants and Jacobs sent him $3.36, so he can have money and stay with the ‘poor Giants’. More

Wild Card Playoffs Cheerleaders Preview

Posted on 7 Jan, 2011, by in Babes

With the NFL playoffs kicking off tomorrow, besides having four great (hopefully) games to watch this weekend, there will be some lovely ladies aka cheerleaders prancing around the field. Here is a little taste of those girls you’ll find in the stadiums and on your TV screens this weekend. More