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Stanley Cup Finals – Sweeps Don’t Usually Happen

Posted on 10 Jun, 2014, by in Featured, Other Sport

Sweeps on the biggest stage haven’t been seen in the ice fields of the NHL for 16 years, but the Los Angeles Kings, now leading 3-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals, might become the 21st champions to lift the cup without having even the slightest bit of opposition, this time coming from the New York Rangers. More

Pittsburgh Pirates

Ugliest Uniforms in the History of Sports

Posted on 21 Mar, 2013, by in Featured

The latest addition to a long list of horrible attempts to look creative and hip are the Notre Dame basketball team with their bright green tops and pijama looking shorts, earning a place in the hall of fame for the ugliest uniforms in the history of sports. More

Biggest American Cities With No Major Sports Teams

Posted on 25 Feb, 2013, by in Featured

A large population in a city or a metro area doesn’t necessarily mean you get to have a team in the NBA, NHL, MLB or NFL. For example, places like Austin in Texas, quite close to one million people, have to settle for the Texas Longhorns in College Sports instead of a serious pro-team, although I’m not sure the people there see it that way. More

Summing Up Nicklas Lidstrom’s NHL Career

Posted on 1 Jun, 2012, by in Miscellaneous

Nicklas Lidstrom played his entire NHL career with only one team – the Detroit Red Wings, since being picked by them in the 1989 NHL draft. Nearly 23 years later, and the Swedish Denfenceman decided that 20 seasons and 1564 games were enough, and he hung the skates and his hockey stick. More

From High School Athlete to Pro Ball? Hardly a Chance (Infographic)

Posted on 13 Jan, 2012, by in Featured

Making it, becoming a professional athlete, is probably the dream of every young kid at one point or another during the early days. Millions go on to become High School athletes, but the chances of actually making it from there to the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and MLS is ridiculously low. More

A History of Major Sports Leagues Lockouts and Strikes (Infographic)

Posted on 26 Oct, 2011, by in Featured

An Infographic describing the history of lockouts and strikes in the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, clearly proving that history repeats itself and losing two weeks or a month of NBA regular season games isn’t the worst thing that can happen. More

Top Ten Most Points in NHL History

Posted on 2 Oct, 2011, by in Featured

The 2011-2012 NHL season is nearly upon us, as the Boston Bruins hope to make a successful title defense. As usual with most leagues, we open the record books to check out and see if there’s any chance of a non Canadian in the top 10 players with the most points in NHL history (clue – there is, just one) and is anyone even remotely close to Wayne Gretzky (nope). More

The NHL Plans of Realignment in 2012-2013

Posted on 26 Jun, 2011, by in Miscellaneous

With the Atlanta Thrashers becoming the new-old Winnipeg Jets but still playing in the Eastern Southeast division in 2011-2012, the NHL plans to do some major realignments for the 2012-2013 season. More

2011 Stanley Cup Hits – Hamhuis Hip Checking Lucic

Posted on 2 Jun, 2011, by in Miscellaneous

Dan Hamhuis delivers a big hit on the Bruins’ Milan Lucic but gets injured himself. More

Andrew Ference Knows How to Piss Off Montreal Fans

Posted on 22 Apr, 2011, by in Miscellaneous

Andrew Ference with an obscene gesture towards Habs fans after scoring a goal for the Boston Bruins against the Montreal Canadiens. More