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Malaga CF to Challenge Barcelona and Real Madrid Dominance?

Posted on 5 Aug, 2011, by in Soccer

Summers in the La Liga off season usually belong to Big spending by Real Madrid and Barcelona. This year, Malaga CF, thanks to a rich Qatarian Sheikh, are making just as much splash in the Transfer section. Champions League, anyone? More

No Reason to Worry (Chivas vs Barcelona)

Posted on 4 Aug, 2011, by in Soccer

Chivas did beat Barcelona 4-1 last night, but it hardly matters. The only thing worthy of remembering are Marco Fabian’s wonderful goals. Barcelona have the Cesc Fabregas transfer to worry about, while Thiago Alcantara might be the better option. More

Kevin Durant Makes Street Ball Interesting While David Stern Gets Angry

Posted on 3 Aug, 2011, by in NBA

Kevin Durant scored 66 point. John Lucas III scores 60 the day after, while Durant scored 41 points. Who cares?!!! With the NFL making a rapid wake from lockout slumber, especially the Eagles signing anything and anyone that costs a bit of money. Baseball? I never really cared much for Baseball, not too much. So while the only good thing regarding the NBA is the owners and players actually meeting (with no love between the two sides), I guess some summer games in New York can actually be regarded as news. More

The Final Chapter (For Now) of the Cesc Fabregas-Barcelona-Arsenal Saga

Posted on 3 Aug, 2011, by in Soccer

This week might the final episode of the Cesc Fabregas-Arsenal-Barcelona Soap Opera, for this summer at least. More

David De Gea is Manchester United’s New Keeper

Posted on 29 Jun, 2011, by in Soccer

It wasn’t a question of IF, it was a question of WHEN and for how much. David de Gea has completed his transfer from Atletico Madrid to Manchester United for 18 million pounds, inking a deal that should keep him at Old Trafford for the next five years at least. More

For a Change – The Summer Belongs to Barcelona?

Posted on 21 Jun, 2011, by in Soccer

While Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho stay quiet west of Barcelona, planning in dark chambers how to overtake the Spanish Kingdom and Europe once again, June seems to be another month Barcelona own, at least in the headlines, unlike previous summers, busy with talks involving Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas. More

Transfer News and Rumors – Mid June Edition

Posted on 17 Jun, 2011, by in Soccer

More hot days, and more players joining the rumor mill – Hottest right now are Alexis Sanchez (Udinese) and Luka Modric (Spurs), but they’re not the only ones attracting big names and big bucks. More

Transfer News and Rumors – Early June Edition

Posted on 7 Jun, 2011, by in Soccer

The beginning of summer means a rest from actually watching European soccer games. It also means we dwelve a whole of a lot deeper into the transfer scene and all the rumors flying around. More

LeBron Chooses Miami

Posted on 8 Jul, 2010, by in NBA

LeBron James has ended the rumors and while breaking the hearts of an entire city fan base, he has made a lot of people down in Florida happy – he’s joining the Miami Heat. More

Free Agent Bonanza – Who Went and Who Stayed

Posted on 8 Jul, 2010, by in NBA

With all eyes and ears set on LeBron’s press conference tonight, here’s how the free agency signing season unfolded to this point. More