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On Referees Ruining Matches in the World Cup

Posted on 14 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

There is nothing better than a month dedicated to football. The World Cup is one huge massive chunk of joy for fans, but despite the enjoyable matches so far in Brazil and the abundance of goals, referees like Yuichi Nishimura, Wilmar Roldan and his crew and Nicola Rizzoli have made it possible for many to feel like there’s something wrong with the tournament. More

Lee Mason Was Helping Manchester City Beat Liverpool

Posted on 27 Dec, 2013, by in Soccer

When you remember who the referee was during a match, it probably means he had a bad day. That’s quite the understatement when it comes to Lee Mason, doing everything he possibly could by making wrong decision after bad one, as his assistant completely blew an offside decision to disallow a Raheem Sterling goal and himself ignore Luis Suarez being fouled in the penalty area, aiding Manchester City claim a 2-1 win over Liverpool. More

Premier League Referees Still Don’t Know What an Offside is (Arsenal vs Manchester United)

Posted on 28 Apr, 2013, by in Soccer

In the end, it didn’t really matter. Manchester United equalized through Robin van Persie, but there wouldn’t have been a need for that if the opening Arsenal goal, scored by Theo Walcott, in a clear and blatant offside position, would have been disallowed, which was what Phil Dowd should have done. More

Howard Webb is the Worst Referee in the World (Newcastle vs Sunderland)

Posted on 14 Apr, 2013, by in Soccer

FIFA and the Premier League might be very proud that they’re installing Goal Line technology pretty soon, but who cares about that when referees like Howard Webb, and the linesmen he has “helping” him don’t know what an offside is, helping Sunderland win 3-0 against Newcastle by disallowing a completely legal goal by Papiss Cisse before giving David Vaughan a chance to score while he was offside. More