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Ohio State Buckeyes & Arizona Cardinals Lose Braxton Miller & Darnell Dockett for the Entire Season

Posted on 19 Aug, 2014, by in Football

One team is in College Football, the other in the NFL. A major injury has the same impact on both, as the Ohio State Buckeyes probably lose quarterback Braxton Miller for the entire season, while the Arizona Cardinals will have to do without Darnell Dockett, their excellent defensive tackle, after he tore his ACL. More

Michigan State Beat Ohio State

Michigan State Beats Ohio State – Big Ten Not Just About One Team

Posted on 8 Jan, 2014, by in Basketball

While the Big Ten has officially started its conference play for over a week, it isn’t until a big name is taken down that we know it’s really here. Michigan State aren’t exactly unknown upstarts, but they’ve certainly shaken things up by beating the previously undefeated Ohio State 72-68. More

Sammy Watkins

Clemson Beats Ohio State – Orange Bowl Redemption

Posted on 4 Jan, 2014, by in Football

It took Clemson two years to erase the embarrassment of their previous Orange Bowl visit, and it came in the form of an exciting finish and a 40-35 win over Ohio State, giving the school and the state of South Carolina their first ever win in a BCS Bowl game. More

Eric Atkins

Ohio State Beats Notre Dame – Improbable Win & Remaining Undefeated

Posted on 22 Dec, 2013, by in Basketball

You’re not supposed to win games when there’s less than a minute to go and your team is down by 8 points. However, Ohio State aren’t made of the quitting material, and somehow made things go their way, resulting in a memorable 64-61 win over Notre Dame, with the Irish probably still wondering what exactly went wrong in that ending. More

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer Admits He’s a Terrible Loser

Posted on 18 Dec, 2013, by in Football

Losing to Michigan State in the Big Ten championship game was like hitting a brick wall for Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, facing the harsh reality of being a sore loser, and having to deal with that fact for an entire offseason. More

Urban Meyer

Oklahoma & Ohio State One Win Away From The BCS Bowl Sweep

Posted on 10 Dec, 2013, by in Football

Two of the most successful college football programs during the BCS era (and way before that as well) are Oklahoma and Ohio State. The Sooners are going to play in the Sugar Bowl, Ohio State in the Orange Bowl. Both can claim at least one win in each of the BCS bowls if they are victorious this year. More

Big Ten champions

Michigan State – Perfection Going Down The Drain

Posted on 8 Dec, 2013, by in Football

Defense is always the less impressive thing, but Ohio State came into the Big Ten championship game with some pretty impressive offensive numbers to back them up, not to mention a 24-0 record over the last two years. The end result? Michigan State, their first top 10 opponent in that time span, were simply too good, and while the Spartans head over to the Rose Bowl, the Buckeyes saw their national championship dreams destroyed, now left to hope their get an at-large BCS invite. More


Big Ten Championship Game – Ohio State vs Michigan State Predictions

Posted on 7 Dec, 2013, by in Football

For Michigan State, the biggest prize out of the conference championship game is winning the Big Ten for the first time for the second time in four seasons. For Ohio State, there’s a lot more in stake – from remaining undefeated a second straight year to making the BCS national championship game. More

Arizona State

Another Reason Why Missouri or Auburn Don’t Deserve to Jump Ohio State

Posted on 4 Dec, 2013, by in Football

The logic behind the SEC clamoring for another team in the national championship game, even if it means a one-loss Auburn or Missouri gets to jump an undefeated Ohio State team, is also the same logic that can be used by Arizona State, playing in the very tough Pac-12 with nine conference games and not eight, to jump over both Tigers teams even though they have two losses. More

BCS Title Game

Possible Scenarios For the National Championship Game

Posted on 3 Dec, 2013, by in Featured, Football

Heading into championship week which will determine what the BCS national title game will look like, it seems we’re down to five choices to fill two spots: Florida State as the clear favorite, Ohio State who’ll probably get in if all goes well, Auburn or Missouri representing the SEC and even Alabama, waiting for a turn of events that suits them just fine. More