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Tyson Gay Used Steroids to Cheat

Posted on 23 Aug, 2013, by in Other Sport

Up until now, it wasn’t quite clear what was the banned substance that Tyson Gay tested positive for, but according to the BBC, steroids was what Gay used in order to win in the US trials back in June, taking him out of the World Championships. More

Usain Bolt & Juan Manuel Marquez – No Surprise If They Are Doping Too

Posted on 15 Jul, 2013, by in Other Sport

Every time an athlete gets caught using performance enhancing drugs immediately takes us to the best in the business. Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell testing positive doesn’t mean Usain Bolt has been cheating as well, but it wouldn’t be very surprising, especially now, to find out he has been doing it for years. More

Tyson Gay – Track & Field Is Running Out of Clean Runners

Posted on 14 Jul, 2013, by in Other Sport

People love seeing champions fall, but legally. Tyson Gay looked like the one who was going to be able to challenge Usain Bolt in the world championships, but withdrew from the competition after admitting he tested positive for an unknown banned substance. More

Seattle Seahawks – Bruce Irvin Continuing Murky Tradition With Performance Enhancing Drugs

Posted on 19 May, 2013, by in NFL

With Chris Clemons recovering from a knee injury, second-year player Bruce Irvin was supposed to take over the position, backed up by 8 sacks during his rookie season. Now, the Seattle Seahawks signing both Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett and overloading the pass-rushing situation, as Irvin became another player in a long list of Seahawks members suspended under terms of the performance-enhancing drug policy. More

Lance Armstrong – History Erased

Posted on 23 Oct, 2012, by in Miscellaneous

From 1999 to 2005, there will be no Tour de France champion. Everything Lance Armstrong did in his cycling career is erased, in shame, in anger, in venom. A lot of people were waiting around the corner for his fall, and a lot of people might be wanting their money back. More

Destroying Lance Armstrong

Posted on 10 Oct, 2012, by in Other Sport

The USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) is doing everything it can to destroy every shed of credibility still left attached to Lance Armstrong. After stripping his 7 Tour de France wins and ban him for life from Elite sport, they’re set to release more than 1000 pages of evidence that led to the decision. More

Khan – Peterson Fight in Jeopardy; Peterson Tests Positive for Banned Substance

Posted on 8 May, 2012, by in Boxing

Amir Khan is supposed to get his rematch against Lamont Peterson on May 19; A chance to win back his Light Welterweight belts and to put the division once and for all behind him with a win over an opponent he feels superior to. An opponent he feels he actually beat in their first fight, back in December. An opponent who has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. More

Ryan Braun Got Off on a Technicality in Another MLB Losing Battle Against PEDS

Posted on 24 Feb, 2012, by in MLB

Ryan Braun got off on a technicality, leaving too many question marks around everything that has happened since the 2011 NL MVP tested positive for PEDs back in October, with the MLB and its policy regarding drugs, the protocol of the testing and delievery and Braun himself. More