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Rio Ferdinand is Trying to Get David Moyes Fired

Posted on 7 Feb, 2014, by in Soccer

It’s been made quite clear that Rio Ferdinand, for whatever reason, isn’t the biggest fan of David Moyes, and it seems that his most recent activity on social media might be an attempt to rock the Manchester United managerial boat even further. More

David Moyes is Making a Mess of His Manchester United Beginning

Posted on 28 Sep, 2013, by in Soccer

Everyone expected Manchester United to be having some difficulties under the new regime with David Moyes at the helm. No one thought it would be so bad this early, as the Scottish manager picked up his third loss in six league matches, hearing some boos from the home fans for the first time after the 1-2 loss to West Brom. More

Manchester United – Robin van Persie Can’t be Replaced by Danny Welbeck

Posted on 23 Sep, 2013, by in Soccer

Even without Robin van Persie, Manchester United shouldn’t look this bad. However, when the manager is David Moyes, it wasn’t surprising to see a man-for-man switch by putting Danny Welbeck, who is anything but a goalscorer, instead of the team’s best player. More

Manchester United – Robin van Persie Makes it Look Too Easy

Posted on 18 Aug, 2013, by in Soccer

All the talk of Manchester United not doing enough during the summer, and of David Moyes not being good enough to be their manager, and about their midfield not having enough quality; all that went out the window once Robin van Persie started scoring, and took away any shred of doubt about his team’s chances of being a major player in the title race this season. More

Manchester United – David Moyes & The Changes He Needs to Make

Posted on 16 May, 2013, by in Soccer

There’s more than just Wayne Rooney to worry about for David Moyes as he enters the biggest challenge of his career; trying to fill the huge shoes Alex Ferguson leaves at Manchester United. There’s sorting out an again defense, with Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic no longer reliable as before, while trying to upgrade a sub-par midfield when it comes to Champions League standards, and finding a way to sort out the attack and its hierarchy. More

Manchester United – Robin van Persie Was the Only One Interested

Posted on 29 Apr, 2013, by in Soccer

Boredom and motivation is something Manchester United have been battling with, funny to say, for over a month now, with the Premier League title well secured for quite some time. Robin van Persie, making a return to a stadium he played at for eight seasons, against a hostile crowd, was the only one with a real reason to put on his best. More

Manchester United – Javier Hernandez & Rio Ferdinand Aren’t Leaving

Posted on 22 Apr, 2013, by in Soccer

Don’t believe anyone yet expect anything is a common saying about many subjects, including the world of football and its abundance of transfer rumors. While Manchester United will probably be looking for new and expensive strikers and centre backs during the summer, Alex Ferguson is adamant that both Chicharito and Rio Ferdinand, opposed to the constant ramblings suggesting their departure, aren’t leaving the club anytime soon. More

Steven Gerrard Thinks England Fans Should Boo Rio Ferdinand

Posted on 24 Mar, 2013, by in Soccer

While matches against San Marino are hardly an event worth mentioning a minute or two after their over, some things do resonate a bit deeper, like the English fans making their opinion heard about Rio Ferdinand pulling a 180 because of his own damaged ego, trying to make life harder for Roy Hodgson and the English squad, something Steven Gerrard criticized through the back door by supporting the fans. More

Manchester United – Wayne Rooney Shines Above Mediocrity

Posted on 17 Mar, 2013, by in Soccer

Mediocre, boring and dull are all words that would be perfect to describe the performance Manchester United gave as they inched closer to securing yet another Premier League title, as Wayne Rooney provided the only worthy strike to give them a win while their bizarre and slightly lucky streak of not conceding continues. More

Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United to Sign Ezequiel Garay

Posted on 23 Jan, 2013, by in Soccer

It’s getting clearer and clearer that Rio Ferdinand isn’t going to be a starting centre back for Manchester United for much longer. The surprising thing is hearing about a likely potential replacement, Ezequiel Garay, who might be making a move from Benfica to the Premier League. More