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NFL Rumors – New England Patriots & Denver Broncos Mostly Busy Trash Talking

Posted on 20 Jan, 2016, by in NFL

Heading into the AFC Championship game, part of the routine is trash talking between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. Be it about how to tackle Rob Gronkowski (hint: go low) or whether Tom Brady complains too much to referees, there’s plenty to gorge on for those who can’t wait for the actual game to start. More

27 Best Memes of Tom Brady & the New England Patriots Beating & Cheating the Pittsburgh Steelers

Posted on 11 Sep, 2015, by in NFL

Nothing goes without controversy for the New England Patriots. Meme makers are having a lot of fun following the win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on opening night. Not just because Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski shredded the Steelers defense to bits, but also because of the headset problems which might result in a new scandal and gate. More

NFL Rumors – New England Patriots Show the Pittsburgh Steelers They’re Ready For Another Super Bowl Run

Posted on 11 Sep, 2015, by in NFL

As if nothing has changed since last season and nothing has happened in the offseason, the New England Patriots, with Tom Brady pulling them forward, looked like the defending champions they happen to be with a 28-21 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. More

New England Patriots – Tom Brady Overcomes the Last Challenge

Posted on 8 Dec, 2014, by in NFL

The New England Patriots remain on top of the AFC with a 23-14 win over the San Diego Chargers, achieved more due to their extraordinary defense that took Philip Rivers out the game, than the ability of Tom Brady, who did what he had to in a difficult performance, nothing more. More

Fastest NFL Players to 50 Touchdown Receptions

Posted on 24 Nov, 2014, by in Featured, NFL

At the age of 26 and into his fifth NFL season, Dez Bryant has now reached the 50 career touchdown mark, joining Rob Gronkowski in the prestigious club, although the Patriots’ tight end needed less time and games to get there. There are others who have done it faster than Bryant. More

New England Patriots – Tom Brady Gets the Better of Peyton Manning

Posted on 3 Nov, 2014, by in NFL

Thanks to the NFL constantly putting the Denver Broncos on the road when they face the New England Patriots in the regular season, Tom Brady had another chance to grab a win over Peyton Manning and his team, having another fantastic game when the sight set on both quarterbacks, leading the surging Pats to a 43-21 win, tying the Broncos for the best record in the AFC. More

NFL Rumors – New England Patriots Getting a Fully Fit Rob Gronkowski

Posted on 7 Jul, 2014, by in NFL

As incredible as it might sound, Rob Gronkowski, injuries and surgeries haven’t been an issue at all for the New England Patriots so far this offseason, which means that they might finally have their star tight end ready to go, 100% healthy, when the 2014 NFL season begins. More

New England Patriots Offseason About Giving Tom Brady One More Shot

Posted on 23 Jan, 2014, by in NFL

Another very good regular season for the New England Patriots, another playoff that ends in disappointment. In a franchise that’s always thinking about the biggest prize possible, losing and looking bad for a second consecutive time in the conference championship game calls for more than simple personnel changes in order to improve the supporting cast around Tom Brady. More

Tom Brady Without Rob Gronkowski? Not Very Good

Posted on 10 Dec, 2013, by in NFL

Once again, the New England Patriots find themselves without Rob Gronkowski, which means Tom Brady, who has been facing an injury to his tight end for a second consecutive season, needs to start worrying again. More

Broncos vs Patriots – Tom Brady Too Good For Peyton Manning Again

Posted on 25 Nov, 2013, by in NFL

There was a lot more to just the Tom Brady and Peyton Manning rivalry in this game, but the end result of the New England Patriots coming away with a 34-31 win in overtime, coming back from a 24 point deficit was mostly due to the difference between the two quarterbacks in the second half. More