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England Crash, Hodgson Resigns, Spain Predictable, Del Bosque Stubborn

Posted on 28 Jun, 2016, by in Soccer

The final day of Euro 2016 round 0f 16 matches offered us a glimpse at two national sides, England and Spain, see their great expectations being torn to the ground. One side is used to this happening. The other seems to be still captured by the success of an era that seems to be over. More

19 Best Memes of Iceland Stunning England

Posted on 28 Jun, 2016, by in Soccer

Another Euro, another England disappointment, this time against Iceland, which gives meme makers an opportunity to tear into the flesh and make fun of the national team that never makes it difficult to be made fun of. More

2014 World Cup: England Hitting an All-Time Low

Posted on 22 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

Even in a World Cup where nothing was actually expected of the England national football team, they manage to hit an all-time low: Not making it out of the group stage for the first time since 1958. Just another example of the bad luck, naivety and especially tactical inferiority in the English game right now, which is personified by the ill equipped manager, Roy Hodgson. More

Is Daniel Sturridge Injured Because Roy Hodgson Hates Liverpool Now?

Posted on 3 Dec, 2013, by in Soccer

The ending between Roy Hodgson and Liverpool when he managed the club for half a season wasn’t a happy one. Ever since, there’s not a lot of love between the sides, and there’s a chance that playing Daniel Sturridge while he wasn’t completely fit for England to play in international friendlies, causing him to pick up an injury that’s now keeping him off the pitches for almost two months. More

Roy Hodgson, Andros Townsend and a Bad Feed the Monkey Joke

Posted on 17 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

Things can’t be too happy for the English national football team for too long, as rumors and reports suggests that a joke told by Roy Hodgson at half time, with a punch line that says ‘feed the monkey,’ has triggered the wrath of some players who believed it had some racists tones to it, referring to Andros Townsend. More

Steven Gerrard Thinks England Fans Should Boo Rio Ferdinand

Posted on 24 Mar, 2013, by in Soccer

While matches against San Marino are hardly an event worth mentioning a minute or two after their over, some things do resonate a bit deeper, like the English fans making their opinion heard about Rio Ferdinand pulling a 180 because of his own damaged ego, trying to make life harder for Roy Hodgson and the English squad, something Steven Gerrard criticized through the back door by supporting the fans. More

The Sexy Managers Calendar of 2013

Posted on 29 Nov, 2012, by in Miscellaneous

What good are football managers if you can’t make fun of them? Whether it’s their physical depiction or something that has to do with their behavior or even a nickname, Alex Ferguson, Kenny Dalglish, Martin Jol, Arsene Wenger, Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Roberto Mancini, Roy Hodgson, Fabio Capello, Harry Redknapp and others get a harsh yet hilarious treatment in the next ‘Sexy Managers Calendar. More

Rio Ferdinand Isn’t Good Enough for England Anymore

Posted on 4 Oct, 2012, by in Soccer

Instead of trying to force his way into the England lineup via the media, Rio Ferdinand should try and focus on actually playing well for Manchester United, which he hasn’t done so far this season. Roy Hodgson isn’t presented with incredible options at centre back, but it doesn’t mean the former national team captain deserves a spot on it. More

England Football – Roy Hodgson Thinks Everything is OK

Posted on 12 Sep, 2012, by in Soccer

So Roy Hodgson was pleased with what he saw from England in their first home match of the world cup qualifying campaign, needing an 87th minute penalty from Frank Lampard to save a point against a very well organized Ukraine side, dropping the first two points in the group with a 1-1 draw. More

Blaming Wayne Rooney for England’s Euro 2012 Exit

Posted on 27 Jun, 2012, by in Soccer

Instead of going after Roy Hodgson or the English FA, it looks like Wayne Rooney is the new scapegoat for yet another English failure at a major tournament, this time Euro 2012. It’s easier than talking about tactics or the head. Blaming Rooney, Manchester United and Alex Ferguson is always easy. More