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NFL Rumors – New England Patriots Interested in Signing Terrelle Pryor

Posted on 16 Sep, 2015, by in NFL

Interested might be a strong word, but the New England Patriots have been working out Terrelle Pryor, which might end up as the first move towards the team signing him. More

NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Apparently See Enough of Terrelle Pryor to Hold on to Him

Posted on 6 Sep, 2015, by in NFL

The Cleveland Browns bring back Terrelle Pryor into the NFL by keeping him on their 53-man roster for the new season despite having a less than stellar preseason and training camp with the team. More

NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Will Probably Cut Terrelle Pryor Eventually

Posted on 23 Aug, 2015, by in NFL

The Cleveland Browns might have been impressed with Terrelle Pryor and his ability to pull of the conversion from quarterback to wide receiver, but it’s looking more and more likely he won’t be on the team once the regular season begins. More

NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Pleased With Terrelle Pryor as Wide Receiver?

Posted on 3 Aug, 2015, by in NFL

Reports from the Cleveland Browns training camp suggests that Terrelle Pryor is closer to being a meaningful wide receiver for them next season than getting cut yet again by another team. More

NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns is the Final Chance for Terrelle Pryor, and he Knows It

Posted on 1 Jul, 2015, by in NFL

It’s not that Terrelle Pryor wanted to switch positions, but he had no choice. The former quarterback is now starting another ‘last chance’ stint, this time with the Cleveland Browns, with completely different expectations of him performance-wise. More

NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Sign Terrelle Pryor

Posted on 23 Jun, 2015, by in NFL

Reality, not a rumor anymore. The Cleveland Browns have signed Terrelle Pryor shortly after the former Oakland Raiders player announced he’s no longer a quarterback, instead focusing on playing wide receiver or even tight end to try and save what’s left of his NFL career. More

NFL Rumors – Cincinnati Bengals Hoping to Revive Terrelle Pryor’s Career

Posted on 11 May, 2015, by in NFL

Maybe going back to Ohio will be good for Terrelle Pryor, hoping to resurrect his NFL career with the Cincinnati Bengals, signing him to be a backup quarterback. More

NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Contemplating Keeping Terrelle Pryor

Posted on 19 Aug, 2014, by in NFL

What a turn around for Terrelle Pryor, who entered last season as a starting quarterback, but is now hoping that the Seattle Seahawks will actually keep him on their roster going into the new season, even as a third quarterback. More

NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Not Going to Help Terrelle Pryor

Posted on 22 Apr, 2014, by in NFL

The Seattle Seahawks wanted a better backup quarterback, so they traded a seventh-round draft pick they probably won’t regret losing for Terrelle Pryor of the Oakland Raiders, which for them means a decent insurance policy in case Russell Wilson is injured, but for him is nothing more than another team that’s going to sit him an entire season on the bench. More

NFL Rumors – Terrelle Pryor Wants Oakland Raiders to Let Him Go

Posted on 25 Mar, 2014, by in NFL

Despite becoming quite popular with the fans in the few opportunities he’s had to start and play for the Oakland Raiders, he isn’t getting the same kind of love from the coaching staff and front office, leading Terrelle Pryor to request being traded or simply released, seeing he isn’t part of the plans for the franchise as a starting quarterback. More