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NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Hope Thomas Rawls Can Keep the Momentum Going

Posted on 6 Dec, 2015, by in NFL

Everything has been about two-game streaks, both winning and losing, for the Seattle Seahawks this season. Heading into their most difficult game on the remaining schedule, they’re hoping Russell Wilson and Thomas Rawls don’t drop the momentum they’ve been carrying. More

NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Rolling With Thomas Rawls; Marshawn Lynch Might be Out for the Season

Posted on 24 Nov, 2015, by in NFL

The Seattle Seahawks keeps hovering around .500, but their one consistent successful thing has been the running game, especially when Thomas Rawls got the chance to carry the ball. With Marshawn Lynch possibly out for the season, it’ll be up to the rookie out of Central Michigan to pick up the slack and help the team make the playoffs. More

NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Need More San Francisco 49ers On Their Schedule

Posted on 23 Nov, 2015, by in NFL

Where would the Seattle Seahawks be this season without the San Francisco 49ers on their schedule, twice? Probably out of the playoff race. They are 2-0 against the 49ers, 3-5 against the rest of the league, including 0-2 when facing division rivals St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals. More