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Kristaps Porzingis Struggles Are Dragging the New York Knicks Down

Posted on 3 Jan, 2018, by in NBA

After a promising start to the season, the New York Knicks no longer look like one of the most refreshing things in the NBA. The team’s struggles have a lot to do with Tim Hardaway missing the last 16 games, but alongside that absence, there’s Kristaps Porzingis looking less and less impressive. More

NBA Rumors – Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks in Potential Tim Hardaway Jr. & Brandon Jennings Trade

Posted on 23 Jun, 2015, by in NBA

The Detroit Pistons are one of the teams heading into this NBA season looking for immediate, not long term improvement. One way, in their opinion, is trading for Tim Hardaway Jr. of the New York Knicks, maybe even with Brandon Jennings involved in the trade. More

New York Knicks – Playoffs Slipping Further Away

Posted on 7 Apr, 2014, by in NBA

It’s not over yet, but combined with other results the 102-91 loss to the Miami Heat makes making the playoffs a very difficult goal to reach for the New York Knicks, having to withstand another huge night from LeBron James that made J.R. Smith catching fire from beyond the arc almost redundant. More

New York Knicks – Kissing the Playoffs Goodbye

Posted on 26 Mar, 2014, by in NBA

The beginning of a new streak, a losing one this time, points to the true identity of the 2014 New York Knicks. A bad defensive team with a mentally weak group that was able to look good for short spurts during the season because of focus, effort and momentum. But when things don’t go their way early, embarrassing losses like the 127-96 one to the Los Angeles Lakers happen. More

New York Knicks – Streaking All Over the Weaklings

Posted on 13 Mar, 2014, by in NBA

Who could have guessed that in Mid-March the New York Knicks would be the hottest team in the Eastern conference? Following their 116-92 win over the Boston Celtics, as Carmelo Anthony enjoys another fantastic game, they’ve won five in a row, and the playoffs that seemed impossible to reach not long ago are now a very real possibility. More

New York Knicks – The Improbable Streak Continues

Posted on 11 Mar, 2014, by in NBA

Despite the ‘spread the love’ feel from looking at the box score from the 123-110 win for the New York Knicks over the Philadelphia 76ers, it was more about awful shooting from Carmelo Anthony and excellent offense from Tim Hardaway Jr. which made it seem like it was all about sharing the ball and getting everyone involved. More

Knicks Over Pelicans – Maybe There’s Still Hope

Posted on 20 Feb, 2014, by in NBA

There’s no more margin for error, and the New York Knicks looked like a team knowing they can’t afford to lose in their 98-91 road win over the New Orleans Pelicans, which was mostly about Carmelo Anthony doing almost everything on his own, making it work this time. More

Andre Drummond Takes the MVP in a Meaningless Game

Posted on 15 Feb, 2014, by in NBA

There’s something about the Rising Stars Challenge that doesn’t quite work, despite the changes it has gone through over the years. Andre Drummond was the star of the latest edition, leading Team Hill to a 142-136 win over Team Webber. More

New York Knicks – Carmelo Anthony Enjoys the Easy Opponent

Posted on 29 Jan, 2014, by in NBA

It’s hard to say the New York Knicks got their revenge on the Boston Celtics, but they certainly were happy with a third consecutive win and a comfortable one at that which enabled them to give Carmelo Anthony quite a lot of rest. More

Lakers vs Knicks – Carmelo Anthony Still Hasn’t Cooled Off

Posted on 27 Jan, 2014, by in NBA

This wasn’t quite like his previous career night, but Carmelo Anthony is still slightly on fire, once again leading the New York Knicks to victory, this time 110-103 over the Los Angeles Lakers through the sheer volume of his shooting instead of accuracy or efficiency. More