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James Gallaugher Running Faster Than a Teenage Usain Bolt

Posted on 15 Dec, 2013, by in Other Sport

Being a 13-year old running faster than Usain Bolt did at that age doesn’t mean you’ll be a world or Olympic champion, but it certainly is promising. James Gallaugher of Australia is still years away from actually finding out if he’ll make it at the highest levels, but his times in recent 200 meter races are showing a lot of promise. More

Lets Hope Veronica Campbell-Brown is the Last Jamaican Athlete to Get Busted

Posted on 16 Jun, 2013, by in Miscellaneous, Other Sport

What does this mean? For now, only one thing. Veronica Campbell-Brown tested positive for a banned substance, found in her system at the Jamaican International Invitational meeting in Kingston on 4 May. It doesn’t mean that Usain Bolt or Yohan Blake or any other Jamaican athlete as well are guilty, but it’s an issue that comes with a huge warning and worrying sign. More

Athletics Gold Medal Count of the 2012 Summer Olympics

Posted on 12 Aug, 2012, by in Featured

As with all these Olympics, the Americans come out on top, mostly thanks to the women and Allyson Felix, who took home three gold medals including her first individual gold. Usain Bolt was the big star for the men, winning three gold medals while setting a new Olympic record in the 100 meters and a new world record in the 4×100. More

Usain Bolt – Greater Athlete than Carl Lewis

Posted on 10 Aug, 2012, by in Other Sport

Athletes envy. It’s a shameful thing. Usain Bolt is putting all the sprinters in the world, past & present, to shame. So what do they do? Well, in Carl Lewis’ case, it’s throwing baseless allegations at stimulant use by not only Bolt but by the entire Jamaican track & field program. More

Michelle Jenneke – Hottest Hurdler & Pre-Race Dancer in Athletics

Posted on 19 Jul, 2012, by in Miscellaneous

Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke didn’t cause headlines because she won her heat at the World Junior Championships in Barcelona, beating the other girls after 100 meters of hurdle jumping and sprinting. She got all the attention because of her smile and her sexy pre-race routine that’s becoming an Internet sensation. More

Athletes With the Most Olympic Gold Medals in History

Posted on 20 Feb, 2012, by in Featured

Michael Phelps stands alone on the top of Olympic Gold Medal winners with 14 and a total of 16 (two bronze), going for more in the up and coming 2012 Olympic games. He leads a list of 11 athletes who have won at least 8 Gold Medals, including fellow swimmers Mark Spitz, Jenny Thompson and Matt Biondi. More