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Brandin Cooks

NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles & Tennessee Titans Interested in Trade for Brandin Cooks

Posted on 3 Mar, 2017, by in NFL

One of the strongest rumors going around NFL circles at this point is the New Orleans Saints look to trade wide receiver Brandin Cooks. The Tennessee Titans & Philadelphia Eagles are interested, but are they willing to pay the price? More

NBA Rumors – Chicago Bulls Playing Through Them

Posted on 30 Dec, 2015, by in NBA

Since the moment the Chicago Bulls were knocked out in the playoffs last season, it seems like they’ve been pulled apart by the media, whether it has something to do with reality or not. A feud between Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose? Their big men being traded? It’s all in a day’s work for the Bulls. More

Houston Rockets – Jeremy Lin Can Teach Others How to Handle Trade Rumors

Posted on 7 Feb, 2014, by in NBA

Since this season began, the Houston Rockets have been a target for trade rumors and reports, mostly suggesting that Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin won’t finish the season with the team. However, there’s been a big difference in how each of them have handled the situation, for better and worse. More

Houston Rockets – Jeremy Lin Might be Traded if Chris Paul Arrives

Posted on 10 Jun, 2013, by in NBA

The Los Angeles Clippers fired their head coach because Chris Paul demanded it, but didn’t like the media knowing about it. So his future with the team remains in doubt, giving the Houston Rockets an opportunity to sign him, which will mean a few things: Jeremy Lin becoming a bench player once again, while Dwight Howard won’t be heading over there. More

Los Angeles Lakers – What’s Next?

Posted on 30 Apr, 2013, by in Featured

No matter what kind of mutterings you’ll hear, the Los Angeles Lakers failed in the 2012-2013 NBA season, barely making it into the playoffs and getting swept in the first round. Kobe Bryant will be back eventually, hopefully not too far from his ability from before the injury. The biggest decisions for the Lakers remain with re-signing Dwight Howard, keeping (or not) Mike D’Antoni while making up their minds about the future of Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace and Steve Nash. More

NBA Trades – Brooklyn Nets Trying to Land Josh Smith

Posted on 11 Feb, 2013, by in NBA

The Brooklyn Nets are trying to get any kind of deal that might kick start their season and throw them back into contention for a better spot in the East, with the most prominent of those potential trades looking like another one with the Atlanta Hawks, hoping to get Josh Smith. More

NBA Trades – San Antonio Spurs Trying to Get Al Jefferson

Posted on 7 Feb, 2013, by in NBA

It’s been common knowledge this season that the Utah Jazz will be trying to part ways with one of their big men, Paul Millsap or Al Jefferson. With the trade deadline getting closet and closer, it looks like the San Antonio Spurs might be interested in Jefferson. More

NBA Trades – Los Angeles Clippers Interested in Kevin Garnett

Posted on 4 Feb, 2013, by in NBA

So far, the Boston Celtics have been doing well since their point guard has torn his ACL, done for the season. That doesn’t mean they’re not thinking about breaking up the package, meaning Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. The Los Angeles Clippers have already shown interest in Garnett, offering Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler. More

NFL Trades – Philadelphia Eagles Interested in Alex Smith

Posted on 30 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

When you have a good backup quarterback, it’s always a hard decision. The San Francisco 49ers don’t want to pay Alex Smith so much money (two years, $16 million) just for sitting on the bench, and it looks like the Philadelphia Eagles, not pleased with their QB situation, might try and make a move. More

NFL Trades – Chances Improving on Matt Flynn Leaving Seahawks

Posted on 30 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

Matt Flynn wants to play, the Seattle Seahawks don’t want to pay a lot of money for a backup quarterback. Luckily for both sides, the 2013 NFL Draft seems to be weak when it comes to quarterbacks, and with too many teams around the NFL needs one, there’s a good chance of finding Flynn a new team. More