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Usain Bolt & Bringing Back Parity to Men’s Sprint Races

Posted on 21 Aug, 2016, by in Featured, Other Sport

If Usain Bolt doesn’t have a change of heart, his three gold medals in the 2016 Olympic Games are his grande finale, and ending the most dominant era in the history of track & field when it comes to sprinting, sweeping the men’s 100, 200 and 4×100 meters for three consecutive Olympic games. More

2016 Olympics: Day 13 Gold Medals & Medal Table

Posted on 19 Aug, 2016, by in Other Sport

Day 13 once again put Usain Bolt on center stage with his triumph in the men’s 200 meters sprint, but the rest, both in the Athletics stadium and overall, belonged to the United States, with five gold medals, including their first ever in women’s wrestling, and Ashton Eaton, the greatest ever in the Decathlon, defended his title from four years ago. More

11 Best Memes of Usain Bolt Crushing the 100 meters race at the Olympics

Posted on 15 Aug, 2016, by in Other Sport

Another Olympic meet, another men’s 100 meters race, another gold medal for Usain Bolt. Memes are a lot bigger now compared to his last gold medal, so they’re out in full force to celebrate his incredible dominance. More

2016 Olympics: Day 9 Gold Medals & Medal Table

Posted on 15 Aug, 2016, by in Other Sport

With Athletics taking over centre stage, the night belonged to Usain Bolt with his third Olympic gold medal in 100 meters, the first one to ever do so, but perhaps Wayde van Niekerk of South Africa winning the 400 meters while breaking the world record is an even bigger achievement. Overall, the United States won two gold medals to remain on top of the medal table, while Great Britain got past China to second, winning five gold medals, including two by Gymnast Max Whitlock. More

Gold Medalists of the Men’s 100 Meters at the Olympics

Posted on 2 Aug, 2016, by in Other Sport

In the 2016 Summer Olympics, Usain Bolt will try to become the first to win the 100 meters event for three times. The world record holder and two-time gold medalist is the current dominant force in the most prestigious Olympics and athletics event, which has mostly been dominated by the United States over the years, with the reign disturbed from time to time over the course of history. More

James Gallaugher Running Faster Than a Teenage Usain Bolt

Posted on 15 Dec, 2013, by in Other Sport

Being a 13-year old running faster than Usain Bolt did at that age doesn’t mean you’ll be a world or Olympic champion, but it certainly is promising. James Gallaugher of Australia is still years away from actually finding out if he’ll make it at the highest levels, but his times in recent 200 meter races are showing a lot of promise. More

No One is Coming to See the World Championships in Athletics

Posted on 13 Aug, 2013, by in Other Sport

Excellent results and the usual stars aren’t enough to bring in the fans to the 2013 World Championships in Athletics held at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, with some embarrassing scenes of empty seats in the tens of thousands constantly on the screen during the opening ceremony and even in the biggest even the competition has to offer, the 100 meters final with Usain Bolt on the track. More

Usain Bolt & Juan Manuel Marquez – No Surprise If They Are Doping Too

Posted on 15 Jul, 2013, by in Other Sport

Every time an athlete gets caught using performance enhancing drugs immediately takes us to the best in the business. Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell testing positive doesn’t mean Usain Bolt has been cheating as well, but it wouldn’t be very surprising, especially now, to find out he has been doing it for years. More

Lets Hope Veronica Campbell-Brown is the Last Jamaican Athlete to Get Busted

Posted on 16 Jun, 2013, by in Miscellaneous, Other Sport

What does this mean? For now, only one thing. Veronica Campbell-Brown tested positive for a banned substance, found in her system at the Jamaican International Invitational meeting in Kingston on 4 May. It doesn’t mean that Usain Bolt or Yohan Blake or any other Jamaican athlete as well are guilty, but it’s an issue that comes with a huge warning and worrying sign. More

Delano Williams Nearly Breaks a Usain Bolt Junior Record

Posted on 18 Mar, 2013, by in Other Sport

It seems like forever since Great Britain had a world-class sprinter, but maybe Delano Williams, who’s actually from the Turks and Caicos Islands, will be the next man to impress after such a long drought, nearly breaking a 10-year old record set by Usain Bolt at ISSA Boys and Girls Championships in Jamaica. More