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NBA Rumors: Utah Jazz Good Enough to do More Than Just Make the Playoffs

Posted on 7 Nov, 2016, by in NBA

During the offseason, we wrote about it’s now or never for the Utah Jazz. This is the season to make the playoffs and establish themselves as a rising force in the Western conference, or everything they’ve been building for the last few years will fall apart into the arms of another, long rebuild. More

Utah Jazz Preview: Playoffs or Bust

Posted on 19 Sep, 2016, by in NBA

After four consecutive seasons of missing the playoffs, including one very close call in 2016, the Utah Jazz did the necessary changes in the offseason to put the team in an even better position to compete, adding Joe Johnson, Boris Diaw and George Hill to their core of Gordon Hayward, Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors. More

NBA Rumors: Utah Jazz Have a 1-2 Years Max to Decide If They’re Serious Or Not

Posted on 6 Sep, 2016, by in NBA

The Utah Jazz have built themselves a nice team with Gordon Hayward and Rudy Gobert the center of their pretty long rebuild, almost reaping some reward (making the playoffs) last season. However, a franchise that hates spending and fears the luxury tax like dogs avoid vacuum cleaners, a few tough decisions are coming up. More

NBA Rumors – Lakers, Mavs, Jazz, Pistons & Wizards Interested in Signing Maurice Harkless

Posted on 12 Jul, 2016, by in NBA

One restricted free agent who seems to be biding his time is Maurice Harkless, who has an offer from the Portland Trail Blazers, but is still waiting for a better one, hoping that the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards and Detroit Pistons come through and follow their interest. More

NBA Rumors – Utah Jazz Interested in Trading Trey Burke

Posted on 29 Jun, 2016, by in NBA

The Utah Jazz have been after a point guard for some time. They got theirs this offseason via trade, which means they can finally move Trey Burke to be someone else’s developmental problem. More

Jeremy Lin & His Potential Fit With the Thunder, Blazers, Nuggets, Timberwolves & Jazz

Posted on 19 May, 2016, by in NBA

We’re two thirds of the way through with our series of posts about Jeremy Lin, his potential free agency and his fit on different teams. Up next? The Northwest division, with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves. More

NBA Rumors – Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers Help Kobe Bryant Cement His Ball Hog Legacy

Posted on 14 Apr, 2016, by in NBA

Whatever the circumstances, a player who is four months away from his 38th birthday scoring 60 points is impressive. The way Kobe Bryant has been playing this season for the Los Angeles Lakers, anytime he scores over 25 points is something of an achievement. After one final year in a downward spiral that included getting called old, washed up and the cause for the franchise being in its current situation, Bryant got the goodbye he was looking for. More

NBA Rumors – Dallas Mavericks & Houston Rockets Stepping Up, Utah Jazz Crash & Burn

Posted on 12 Apr, 2016, by in NBA

Things change quickly in the Western Conference playoff picture. The Dallas Mavericks were on the path to clinching one of the two remaining spots and completed the job. The Houston Rockets remembered how to win in money time and the Utah Jazz showed a distinct symptom of loser-ism, which might leave them out of the postseason. More

NBA Rumors – Utah Jazz Deserve Playoff Spot More Than Houston Rockets & Dallas Mavericks

Posted on 11 Apr, 2016, by in NBA

Besides teams playing good basketball, there’s something appealing about a well-run basketball organization. There’s no one right way to build an NBA team, but when considering that factor into who to root for in the Western Conference playoff race, the Utah Jazz deserve one of the two remaining spots over the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks. More

NBA Playoffs – Raptors & Mavericks Have a Good Day, Bad Day for Jazz, Heat & Grizzlies

Posted on 31 Mar, 2016, by in NBA

While some things are already set in stone in this NBA season regarding the final standings and the NBA playoffs, there are teams battling for positions or even making it. For the Dallas Mavericks, Wednesday night was a very good one, as it was for the Toronto Raptors. Not so much for the Utah Jazz, Memphis Grizzlies and Miami Heat. More