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Julio Cesar Chavez vs Sergio Martinez – Preview & Prediction

Posted on 15 Sep, 2012, by in Boxing

The man considered to be the best middleweight fighter at the moment, Sergio Martinez, doesn’t have an alphabet title belt. His opponent, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., holds the WBC belt in the division, a belt that Martinez held but never actually lost. Boxing politics make this one more than just a title fight. More

Aftermath of the Chavez – Manfredo Title Fight

Posted on 20 Nov, 2011, by in Boxing

Julio Cesar Chavez’ first defense of his WBC Middleweight title belt went smoothly, beating Peter Manfredo by a 5th round TKO, bringing him closer to an imminent big fight, probably against Saul Alvarez and later on, Sergio Martinez. More