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2015 NFL Season – Playoff Standings After Week 13

Posted on 9 Dec, 2015, by in NFL

The 2015 NFL Season is heading into its final four weeks, and there are two things we know about the playoffs through the current standings: The Carolina Panthers are NFC South champions and will be there, while the Cleveland Browns are officially out of the race, although they were never in it to begin with. More

2015 NFL Season – Week 13 Power Rankings

Posted on 8 Dec, 2015, by in NFL

A new king on the top of the NFL Power rankings. With the New England Patriots now among four teams with two losses, we have no choice but to put … More

2015 NFL Season – Week 13 Scores & Standings

Posted on 7 Dec, 2015, by in NFL

The main news from week 13 are the Carolina Panthers clinching the NFC South title with a big win against the New Orleans Saints after an enjoyable shootout, while the New England Patriots lose at home to the Philadelphia Eagles, their first two-game losing streak in three years. More

2015 College Football Season – Week 13 Scores & Standings

Posted on 29 Nov, 2015, by in College Football

The final week of the regular season for almost everyone ends without too many surprises, as Clemson beat South Carolina, Alabama beat Auburn to win the SEC West, Oklahoma crush Oklahoma State to win the Big 12 outright, USC might win the Pac-12 thanks to their win over UCLA and Michigan State leave Ohio State (despite their win against Michigan) with nothing thanks to beating Penn State to move on to the Big Ten championship game, facing Iowa. More

Playing for Something in Rivalry Week: Playoffs, Conference Championship or Team Chaos

Posted on 25 Nov, 2015, by in College Football

Going into rivalry week, there are a number of categories to use in order to sort the teams going head to head in week 13: Those hoping to end up playing in the College Football playoffs (like Clemson, Alabama and Oklahoma), the ones trying to win a conference championship at best (USC, UCLA, Navy) or those agents of team chaos, hoping to mess it up for their rivals, aka Nebraska, Florida State, Penn State and a few others. More

2014 NFL Season – Week 13 Playoff Power Rankings

Posted on 2 Dec, 2014, by in Featured, NFL

The NFL is hitting its final month of the 2014 season, which means power rankings are out, playoff picture and standings are in. No teams has clinched a playoff spot yet, and it’s still quite a busy tangle and battle for the seeding, home field advantage and to even get into the playoffs. More

2014 NFL Season – Week 13 Scores & Standings

Posted on 1 Dec, 2014, by in NFL

After the results of week 13, there are five teams that share the best record in the NFL: The Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers in the NFC while the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos share that distinction in the AFC. More

Premier League – Week 13 Results & Table

Posted on 29 Nov, 2014, by in Soccer

The depressing season of both Arsenal & Liverpool just got a little bit better with narrow 1-0 wins over West Brom & Stoke. Chelsea dropped points with a draw in Sunderland for only the third time this season, while Manchester United won against Hull City with style to keep them firmly in the top 4. More

2014 College Football Season – Week 13 BCS Standings

Posted on 26 Nov, 2014, by in NFL

If the BCS was still something that mattered, the same four teams the playoff committee is currently going with would be going to the national semifinals, with Alabama at number one, followed by Florida State, Oregon and Mississippi State. More

College Football Playoff – Week 13 Committee Rankings

Posted on 26 Nov, 2014, by in NFL

No change at the top of the rankings which decide who goes to the College Football playoff, as Alabama remain at number one, followed by Oregon, Florida State and Mississippi State to complete the final four picture, followed by TCU, Ohio State and Baylor, all three of them waiting for someone above to slip. More