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NFL Rumors – Chicago Bears & Los Angeles Rams Trying to Sign Zach Miller

Posted on 13 Mar, 2016, by in NFL

One of the ‘come out of nowhere’ stories from last season had to be Zach Miller, the Chicago Bears tight end, who is now entertaining offers from both the Bears and the Los Angeles Rams. More

NFL Rumors – Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears & Indianapolis Colts Busy With Contract Extension Decisions

Posted on 3 Feb, 2016, by in NFL

In the no-man’s land that is the end of the NFL season for almost every team except the Super Bowl participants and the beginning of free agency, teams are often busy signing players to contract extensions, saving themselves some headaches later on and managing their cap situation. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts are in an interesting position with some players. More

Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson, a Star on The Best Team in The NFL

Posted on 3 Dec, 2013, by in NFL

The Russell Wilson show was in full effect as the Seattle Seahawks pulled off a very impressive 34-7 win over the New Orleans Saints that puts them on top of the NFC, almost clinching home field advantage throughout the postseason, and positioning themselves as probably the best team in the NFL right now. More

Seattle Seahawks – Debating the Two Tight End Formation For Next Season

Posted on 26 May, 2013, by in NFL

When you simply look at numbers and stats, Anthony McCoy picking up an injury that probably has ended his season shouldn’t be all that worrying to the Seattle Seahawks. When you look at their love for the two-tight end formation, it might be a little bit more significant than just receptions, yards and touchdowns lost. More