The 2010 NBA All-Star Starters

Posted on 21 Jan, 2010, by in NBA

NBA 2010 All-Star LogoHere are the starters for 2010 NBA All-Star game in Dallas on February 14th at Cowboys Stadium

East – Dwyane Wade(6th All-Star) and Allen Iverson(11th) (guards), Kevin Garnett(13th) and LeBron James(6th) (forwards), Dwight Howard(4th) (Center).

West – Steve Nash(7th) and Kobe Bryant(12th) (guards), Tim Duncan(12th) and Carmelo Anthony(3rd) (forwards), Amare Stoudemire(5th) (Center).

The league and many others are pretty happy to see that eventually McGrady got outvoted  by both Nash and Chris Paul (who finished third among NBA guards), preventing a pretty big embarrassment for the league as the criticism over the fan voting grew in light of the released results in earlier dates. On the other hand, Iverson, despite playing way below his past superstar level, got voted in. Did the fans mess up?

The All-Star game which will be held at Dallas on Febuary 14th won’t have any starters from the home team, as Nowitzki didn’t get enough votes despite deserving to start (at least in my opinion) over Duncan.