For the first seven seasons Palermo spent in Serie A since earning promotion in 2004, they never finished below 11th. Since selling Javier Pastore (among other players), it seems the wheels have started to fall off, and following a 16th place finish last season, the club currently occupy the last place in the league, with avoiding relegation looking almost impossible at the current state of things.

Alberto Malesani, who has never held on to a job for more than three years and hasn’t held on to one for two seasons in over a decade, becomes the next man to try and save the sinking ship, which is actually a club run by president Maurizio Zamparini, the real shot caller with the Sicily team. Malesani becomes the third manager this season, following Giuseppe Sannino (fired in September, lasting three months) and Gian Piero Gasperini, who lasted five months.

Replacing managers isn’t new to the big mouthed Zamparini – Malesani is the 25th since he took over the club in 2002, helping it return to Serie A and become a permanent member in the upper half of the table. The only one to last more than a season was Delio Rossi (from November 2009 to February 2011), who actually returned shortly after getting fired to guide the team in the final matches of the 2010-2011 season before leaving for good. Things haven’t gone well since he has left.

Sitting at 20th place, Palermo have 17 points this season, four less than Genoa at 17th. Genoa are Malesani’s previous team, just so you know. Palermo haven’t won a match since November, since then losing six and drawing three. They’ve scored only 20 goals this season while conceding 37 and are the only team without an away win this season.

List of managers under Zamparini Since 2002

Roberto Pruzzo Italy20022002(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Ezio Glerean Italy20022002(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Daniele Arrigoni ItalyJuly 2002February 2003(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Nedo Sonetti Italy20032003(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Silvio Baldini ItalyJuly 2003January 2004(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Francesco Guidolin ItalyJanuary 2004June 2005(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Luigi Delneri ItalyJuly 2005January 2006(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Giuseppe Papadopulo ItalyJanuary 2006June 2006(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Francesco Guidolin ItalyJune 2006April 2007(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Renzo Gobbo
Rosario Pergolizzi
April 2007May 2007(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Francesco Guidolin Italy20072007(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Stefano Colantuono Italy20072007(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Francesco Guidolin ItalyNovember 2007March 2008(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Stefano Colantuono ItalyMarch 2008September 2008(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Davide Ballardini ItalySeptember 2008June 2009(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Walter Zenga ItalyJuly 2009November 2009(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Delio Rossi ItalyNovember 2009February 2011(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Serse Cosmi ItalyFebruary 2011April 2011(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)Sacked following a 0-4 loss to Sicilian rivals,Catania. Cosmi had managed Palermo for four games.
Delio Rossi Italy20112011(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)Reassigned as manager the same evening Cosmiwas fired.
Stefano Pioli ItalyJune 2011August 2011(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)Sacked on August 31, 2011.
Devis Mangia ItalyAugust 2011December 2011(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)Sacked on December 19, 2011, following a 0-2loss to Catania.
Bortolo Mutti ItalyDecember 2011May 2012(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Giuseppe Sannino ItalyJune 2012September 2012(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Gian Piero Gasperini ItalySeptember 2012February 2013(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)
Alberto Malesani ItalyFebruary 2013(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)(n/a)