10 Best Goals of Euro 2012

Only one player, Italy’s Mario Balotelli, scored two goals good enough to enter the top 10 of Euro 2012, but he’ll probably have to settle for runner-up or worse in this chart as well, with fantastic goals from Andrea Pirlo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, among others, being just as or even more impressive and memorable.

Number 10 – Sami Khedira (Germany) vs Greece

If Sami Khedira scoring a goal wasn’t a rare enough occasion, it also happened to be quite an impressive volley in the Euro quarterfinal, with Germany winning 4-2.

Number 9 – Jordi Alba (Spain) vs Italy

A goal in the final is reason enough to celebrate for the young left back who’ll be playing for Barcelona next season, but this one was after yet another brilliant through ball from the Spanish midfield, putting on a masterclass of a performance in the final against Italy.

Number 8 – Mario Balotelli (Italy) vs Ireland

Mario Balotelli ended up scoring 3 goals in the tournament and after a frustrating two matches to start the tournament, Balotelli came off the bench against Ireland, scoring the second goal in the 2-0 win the clinched Italy’s qualification into the knockout stage.

Number 7 – Danny Welbeck (England) vs Sweden

England’s finest moment in the tournament, in a match and circumstances that forced them to play some attacking football, ending up with a win in what was probably the best match of the tournament in terms of excitement and drama.

Number 6 – Mario Balotelli (Italy) vs Germany

Balotelli’s and Italy’s finest moment in the tournament, as they improved as the tournament went on. Balotelli was un-markable during the first half, first by slipping away from Badstuber to open the scoring and even better movement in the second goal, with a beautiful finish in front of Neuer.

Number 5 – Andrea Pirlo (Italy) vs Croatia

We didn’t have any free kick goals in this tournament except for Pirlo’s beautiful curler in Italy’s group stage match against Croatia. Pirlo himself had a fantastic tournament, only falling short of expectations in the final, swarmed by the Spanish midfield.

Number 4 – Rafael van der Vaart (Netherlands) vs Portugal

Terrible tournament for everyone involved wearing Orange, but for a few moments early on in the group stage match against Portugal, things seemed to be going well. For once, Van Marwijk tried something else, while Robben actually decided to pass instead of doing something everyone expects him to.

Number 3 – Jakub Blaszczykowski (Poland) vs Russia

Poland were a rather big disappointment in the tournament. Nothing from the original enthusiasm  and urgency in their first match was left in the crucial game against the Czech Republic, as Kuba’s goal against Russia remains the high point of their tournament.

Number 2 – Roman Pavlyuchenko (Russia) vs Czech Republic

Russia started out with a perfect counter-attacking performance against the Czechs, signaling to everyone that they’re planning on having another Euro like in 2008, but it seems to me they wasted all their ammunition in the first 90 minutes, capped off by Pavlyuchenko’s wonderful finish after coming off the bench.

Number 1 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden) vs France

A match that didn’t matter to Sweden or Ibra, who some expected him to show a bit more during the three group stage matches. Still, Ibrahimovic’s beautiful volley that messed everything up for France was the best and most memorable of the tournament.

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