10 Best Memes of the Los Angeles Rams Embarrassing the Seattle Seahawks


The Los Angeles Rams still don’t have an offensive touchdown this season. Yet the Seattle Seahawks managed to lose against them, which is a cause for a mini-meme celebration.

To be fair, the Seahawks always lose to the Rams. Turns out moving to Los Angeles didn’t change the hold Jeff Fisher has over his team, or over one half of his rivalry with the Seahawks, scoring just 3 points in a field-goal only game, and once again looking far from good enough to make it all the way to the Super Bowl.

One huge problem the Seahawks have is Russell Wilson. He’s playing with banged up knee, and maybe it would be wiser to let him sit at this point, at least for one game while he rests up. Even going down 1-2 isn’t a disaster for Seattle, who can’t afford to have him without his usual mobility. The offensive line isn’t good enough, and Wilson just isn’t that good when you take away his ability to burst out of the pocket, or at least the threat of it.

Winning doesn’t make the Rams any good. Case Keenum was OK at best. Jared Goff might be getting closer to his debut, but for now, the Rams have a hard-to-watch offense, with every person in the stadium knowing they’re going to dump the ball to Todd Gurley. So far this hasn’t been a great second season for the running back, to the disappointment of most fantasy owners.

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