14 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys & Dak Prescott Shut Out by the Indianapolis Colts


The Dallas Cowboys & Dak Prescott hype train got derailed by the Indianapolis Colts in the most painful of ways, leading to A LOT of memes making fun of Dem Boys.

The Cowboys didn’t just lose in Indy to a strong team, ending a 5-game winning streak and opening up the race for the NFC East (more on that later). They got SHUT OUT. Dak Prescott was sacked 3 times and threw one interception. Ezekiel Elliott couldn’t break out into something great. The Colts defense stepped up, and especially Marlon Mack, having a huge day for the Colts with 2 rushing touchdowns.

The Cowboys fall to 8-6. Still in the lead of their division, but the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles winning on the road complicates things. Both teams are 7-7. The Cowboys don’t need to play either of them – a home game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and on the road against the New York Giants.

The Cowboys have the head to head against the Eagles, which means one win for Dallas takes Philly out of the picture. Their conference record should be good enough to beat Redskins’ in a tiebreaker too. They just need to pick up one more win. But this 0-points performance casts serious doubts if they can do any damage at all to anyone in the playoffs.

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