16 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys Stunning the New Orleans Saints

Just got beat

The Dallas Cowboys shut up a lot of people with their stunning Thursday Night Football win over the New Orleans Saints, while also generating a lot of funny memes.

The Saints were rollin’ into Jerry’s World with 9 consecutive wins and Drew Brees getting plenty of MVP talk and GOAT chatter. In the end, the Cowboys underrated defense held them to season lows in points, passing yards, total yards, 1st downs, yards per play, yards after contact and time of possession. Ezekiel Elliott alone produced more than the tandem of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara in every aspect.

 The end result, 13-10, might not seem like this was a beatdown, but the Cowboys led 13-0 at half time and it never felt close to being a come from behind victory for the Saints. Dak Prescott shrugged the criticism which will never go away and delivered an efficiency clinic, with 24-for-28 completions, 248 yards and one touchdown pass. 

The Cowboys, on their own roll of 4 straight wins, are now in the lead of the NFC East. Considering the Redskins are playing with a backup quarterback, the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense is failing them time after time, and the New York Giants being simply out of the picture, it’s looking better and better for a team everyone dismissed less than a month ago.

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