19 Best Memes Heading Into the Mayweather vs McGregor Fight

McGregor Show me the Money

The moment of truth has almost arrived: The biggest fight ever as its being promoted, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, isn’t just going to generate record-breaking sums of cash; it has some pretty good memes being created.

Despite the interest being generated due to the personalities of the two fighters, this might be very lopsided, which would be disappointing to anyone who pays $100 on Showtime to see the fight. McGregor isn’t a boxer, while Mayweather seems to be giving away advantages just for the perception of an even fight.

McGregor has been the one doing all of the work in selling the fight. From his sorta racist comments in the promotional tour, to the jokes about Mayweather not being able to read (which never gets old) and the usual string of profanities which he’s famous for: McGregor has pulled out all the stops to make people believe he has what it takes to cause a massive upset. Mayweather played his usual role of villain waiting for someone to bring him down.

Whoever wins the fight, the minimum expectation has to be for it to be good, no matter who wins. If McGregor somehow pulls it off, it’ll be an all-time great upset. If it isn’t, hopefully it won’t be a usual day in the office for Mayweather, but instead one in which he’s pushed a bit harder than in almost every other fight he’s been in.

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