NBA Trade Deadline 2012 – All the Deals

    No big deals except for the Monta Ellis – Andrew Bogut trade (along with some spare parts), as the 2012 NBA trade deadline went and gone without the big splash of last year (Carmelo Anthony, remember), as the major players – Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and Josh Smith if you will stayed put, while team mostly messed around with minor changes.

    The Lakers did make a move for a point guard as Derek Fisher left the team for the second time in his career, but teams with title aspirations didn’t really make any moves. Not that they didn’t want to – especially the Chicago Bulls, who wanted to move Boozer anywhere for a good big guy, but just couldn’t structure the right deal to get Gasol.

    Bucks – Warriors

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    The Golden State Warriors tried building around Monta Ellis for the last few years, but eventually decided to go with Stephen Curry, alone, in the backcourt, while shipping their top scorer (21.9 points per game this season) to Milwaukee, while finally getting a genuine and proved Center. Andrew Bogut is injured, but he’s a much better player than Andirs Biedrins.

    The Bucks also got Ekpe Udoh (averaged 5.5 points and 3.9 rebounds) and the always movable and hole stuffer Kwame Brown, who’s played only nine games this season. The Warriors got back Stephen Jackson, who had a few good years in the Bay area, but he didn’t stick around too long before getting traded to another one of his former teams.

    Blazers – Rockets

    The Portland Trail Blazers were the busiest team, not surprisingly, during the deadline. Firing head coach Nate McMillan as this promising group fell to pieces, mostly due to injuries, falling to 20-23, 3.5 games behind the 8th spot in the West after a very promising start.

    The Rockets, currently 7th in the West, dumped two expiring contracts – Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet, while getting Marcus Camby, who was unhappy with the situation unfolding in the Northwest, and his expiring contract. The problems is Camby has much more playing value, averaging 8.8 rebounds in 22 minutes a night this season, and will provide some valuable time off the bench at Center.

    More Blazers

    Again Gerald Wallace, who had a rather disappointing year in Portland between trades. Now he’s off to New Jersey. He can opt out of his contract after the season, and his only added value, because if he’s unmotivated he’ll be no good for the Nets, is he’s a piece that the Orlando Magic want. A food for thought to take to your summer break.

    The Nets sent over Memhmet Okur and Shane Williams, who might bring in some decent production at 4-5 off the bench.

    Leonardo Barbosa, From Toronto to Indiana

    Babrosa was averaging 12.2 points per game this season for the Raptors, who preferred giving Bayless more minutes as a backup for Jose Calderon. The Pacers gave up a future second round pick and some cash, in a deal they pretty much had to make in order to get over the league minimum for salary.

    Busy Lakers with Cavs and Rockets

    Will begin with the Lakers – Cavaliers deal – The Lakers didn’t get any superstar, but Ramon Sessions is an upgrade at the point guard position with his ability to actually score and create his own shots. Sessions was averaging 10.5 points per game this season for the Cavs. The Lakers also Christian Eyenga, who’s hardly had any impact in his short NBA career so far.

    What did Cleveland get? Luke Walton, who got only 7 minutes a night in the nine games he’s played so far this season and another scarcely used shooter, Jason Kapono.

    Derek Fisher ended his Lakers days, maybe this time for good, getting traded off to the Houston Rockets. He was having a terrible season – 5.9 points while shooting 38.3% from the field, and no more great defense to contribute. Retirement has be coming soon. The Lakers got Jodran Hill, who’s been averaging 5 points and 4.8 rebounds this season, on par with his career numbers.

    So What About Stephen Jackson?

    Well, back to the San Antonio Spurs for Mr. Jackson. Jackson won the NBA title with the Spurs in 2003 before moving on to more wild events, returning for Richard Jeffereson, who’s been mostly disappointing in his two seasons with the Spurs, and T.J. Ford, who was hardly effective this season in 14 games. The Warriors, who many thought were deciding to give up on the hunt for the postseason with giving up Ellis, actually got a starter in Jefferson, but with a bad contract.

    Sam Young to Philly

    Getting a player for free is always good, and even if Young isn’t exactly a perfect fit for the 76ers style, I think he has more in him than 3.5 points he’s been averaging for the Memphis Grizzlies this season, getting draft rights to Ricky Sanchez, a D-League Player.

    Big Finish – Wizards, Nuggets, Clippers

    I like what the Clippers got in this whole deal, Nick Young from the Wizards, filling in, partially, for the loss of Chauncey Billups. Young will be a free agent in the summer, so it’s even a better deal financially. He was averaging 16.6 points this season so far for the Wizards.

    Denver gave up on Nene because they were never really happy with signing him for such a big contract. Javale McGee, arriving from Washington is a better athlete, much younger, a better defender probably has a better ceiling as an offensive player. I think the Nuggets and the Clippers got better, while Washington didn’t upgrade their team. They just wanted to get rid of Nick Young.