2011 College Football Week 13 – We Need Playoffs, Not BCS Rankings

Rivalry week didn’t give us the upset count we got last week but as usual, too many one loss teams currently have a case as to why they should be playing against LSU, unless the Tigers mess up against Georgia in the SEC Championship game. For now, it looks like Alabama, not even in their conference championship game, will get the chance for revenge, my favorite sports related word.

Arkansas were the big hope for pretty much everyone to stop LSU. Georgia don’t seem to stand a chance, but who knows. The Hogs made a game of it for three quarters, but Les Miles’ Tigers are just too good by a wide margin then anyone in the nation right now. Except for Alabama.

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And lets not forget about the Houston Cougars. Not in a BCS conference, but perfect, and in the top 10, after another Case Keenum stat-stuffer, beating Tulsa 48-16. Like a few times in the past, a “small” school will end up undefeated when the season is over, possibly, but won’t get a chance to prove it’s national title credentials.

Virginia Tech, what about them? Impressed in their Virginia derby, shutting out the Cavaliers 38-0. Frank Beamer’s team have made it to five BCS bowls since 1999. Lets say they win the ACC Conference Championship. Won’t they deserve a National title shot? As usual, we’re at the mercy of computers.

What about Stanford? 11-1, but they won’t play for their Conference championship because of that loss to Oregon. Isn’t that the same situation with Alabama? Stanford did beat Notre Dame 28-14. The Oregon Ducks, 10-2, winning the Civil War for the fourth straight time, will play for the Pac-12 title, but won’t be in consideration for the national title, because of their two losses.

And there’s still Oklahoma State, who have their Oklahoma derby next week, to decide who wins the Big 12. Can they finally beat the Sooners? Oklahoma are hard to read this season, but even if the rankings don’t show it, they are the favorites in the Bedlam series, as usual.

So what can we say? LSU are the only certain thing in this whole mess, if they beat Georgia. They should, convincingly. The rest? A complete BCS mess, like many like to protect and defend. The system is good financially, but bad in terms of sportsmanship and fairness. At some point, money has got to stop winning.