2011 College Football Week 14 – Let’s Hope the BCS Gets it Right

Championship Week around College Football gave us, well me, the proof needed to give Oklahoma State the thumbs up to go and play LSU for the National title. They won their conference with a whopping win over Oklahoma, and have one loss. Just like Alabama, who didn’t even play for their conference. Any more proof? Lets hope the BCS doesn’t mess this up. Although someone, or more than just one, is/are going to be unhappy with the final rankings.

Not much hope for anyone else. At least LSU won their SEC championship game despite giving Georgia a head start, as they tend to do. It’s the Tigers’ 11th SEC title. Last time they won it they went to the national title game and dominated Ohio State.

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Only question is who they’re going to get, the Cowboys or the Tide, who were idle this weekend, because THEY DIDN’T PLAY FOR A CONFERENCE TITLE. The formula should be simple – No Conference title = No National Title Game. If we had playoffs, 8 team playoffs, the formula would be different. But the BCS can’t be all about computers and polls, right? We’ll see.

Championship week started with Oregon winning their third straight Pac title with LaMichael James running all over UCLA. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Ducks in another national title game, playing another Tiger team. They already lost to LSU this season, so I guess it’s out of the question. It’s time Chip Kelly and the Ducks win a bowl game. A 34-6 record is nice, but winning BCS bowl games is the real trophy. Or maybe keeping LaMichael James on for another year is.

The biggest game on Saturday was in Stillwater, where Mike Gundy finally got the best of the Oklahoma, beating the Sooners for the first time since 2002. It was Gundy’s first win over Stoops. It was also their first conference title in the Big 12. 28 Year old quarterback Brandon Weeden didn’t shine, for once. It was more about Landry Jones, Oklahoma’s quarterback, imploding. He threw two interceptions and fumbled twice more as the Cowboys won big, 44-10.

It was time for Gundy to start campaigning. He actually deserved to – I don’t think there’s any question Oklahoma State should play in the big game. After what they accomplished tonight and the way they did it, I don’t think there’s a question they deserve an opportunity to play for it all. 

Gundy wasn’t the only one trying to be persuasive. Mega Booster T. Boone Pickens had his say – If we don’t get in the BCS title game, if I have the power to do it, I’m going to have an investigation. After the way we handled OU tonight, I just can’t imagine LSU playing Alabama twice. It looks like an SEC-closed system if that happens.

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Clemson got a vindicating end to their ACC season, beating Virginia Tech for a second time this season, ripping the Hokies 38-10, winning their first ACC title game and their first conference title since 1991. BCS time for Clemson and Dabo Swinney, who will lead the Tigers into their first BCS bowl game. He’s 1-2 in bowl games sine taking over at Clemson.

Another sort of BCS buster were the Southern Miss Golden Eagles, beating the Houston Cougars (#6 in the nation before the game) 49-28 after hitting Case Keenum hard all day, stunning pretty much everyone. It was Houston’s first loss of the season that will cost them, and probably the conference, a BCS birth, unless Southern Miss somehow get in. It was their first Conference USA title since 2003.

The best game on Saturday was in the Big Ten, with the Wisconsin Badgers winning the first ever Big Ten conference Championship game with a 42-39 win over Michigan State. Montee Ball was the big winner, running for three touchdowns and catching one, including a 7 yard run with less than four minutes to go to clinch the win for the Badgers. It’s their second consecutive Rose Bowl trip after losing to TCU a year ago. This time, the Oregon Ducks are waiting.