2011 NBA Draft Day Trades

Lockout or no, teams were dealing before, during and right after the 2011 NBA draft. Nothing too headline-making, but still teams came up with a few interesting swaps.

Blazers – Nuggets – Mavs

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The biggest trade having to do with the NBA Draft – The champions got Rudy Fernandez from the Portland Trail Blazers after three seasons in the Northwest that began on a happier note than they ended, with Fernandez demanding to leave Oregon. They also got the rights to Petteri Koponen who is still playing in Europe despite being selected in the 2007 Draft.

The Nuggets welcomed back Andre Miller, a Denver player for four years between 2003-2006. They also got the rights to Jordan Hamilton, who was unhappy about the fact that he dropped so low (26th pick) in the draft. The Blazers got a point guard back, Raymond Felton, who spent a couple of months with the Nuggets after getting traded from the Knicks.

Bobcats – Bucks – Kings

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The Bobcats got the Congolese potential Bismack Biyombo, the 7th pick, and also Corey Maggette from the Bucks after a disappointing season for him there. The Bucks got the no.19 pick Tobias Harris, Stephen Jackson, coming off two very good years in Charlotte, Shaun Livngston and also Beno Udrih from the Kings. Sacramento got the Jimmer (no.10 pick), Jimmer Fredette and also John Salmons, a Kings player not too long ago.

Bulls – Wolves- Rockets

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The Houston Rockets got Jonny Flynn from Minnesota, making room for Ricky Rubio. They also recieved the rights to Lithuainian Donatas Motiejunas, the no.20 pick in the draft. The Wolves got Brad Miller and sent the Bulls the rights to Nicola Mirotic, the number 23 pick.


The Pacers dealt with the Spurs, receiving point guard George Hill (11.6 points last season) while the Spurs got Kawhi Leonard (no. 15 pick) and another second round pick.

The other trades between the teams were draft rights swapped for future picks and some cash considerations, no one of high profile though. The biggest name was Jeremy Tyler, who preferred to wait till coming of age by playing in Europe which didn’t work out too well for him. He’ll try to make an impression with the Warriors.