2011 NFL Week 11 – Quarterbacks Rise and Fall

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Funny how the biggest news coming from this Sunday in NFL action is a quarterback (Jay Cutler) that Chicago Bears fans love to hate and boo and criticize and make fun of (you get the overall setting) had a very good game, out-dueling a better quarterback (Philip Rivers), and then goes down with an injury that seems like a huge tragedy.

Jay Cutler out for the season?

The Chargers keep falling, making everything said about Norv Turner truer than ever, while the Chicago Bears are now 7-3, tied for sixth best in the NFC and second in the NFC North. A 31-20 win, their fifth in a row. However, Cutler’s injury will probably leave him out of action for the remainder of the season. As we see each year in the NFL, especially this season in Indianapolis, losing your starting QB blows.

Rivers and the Chargers? Two interceptions by a guy many rate as one of the top QB’s in the league, a 4-6 record and a season quickly spiraling out of control and playoff hopes (Chargers are last in AFC West) fading away with each week.

Tebow Mania ! Sanchez Depression ¡

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Still in the AFC West, Tim Tebow continues to prove that being a good quarterback is defined differently with no.15, so being a sub 50% passer doesn’t mean anything. Producing fourth quarter winning drives does. Rushing for 68 yards and a 20 yard touchdown with less than a minute on the clock does.

Mark Sanchez isn’t good enough it seems. Not for a team with Super Bowl aspirations, not enough for his defense. Completing 24 of 40, coming up with one interception, and it’s a second straight loss for the New York Jets. Being a good looking guy who models while not delivering the good on the field bodes bad for a New York future.

Real Deals

A wild game in Detroit, like most games involving the Carolina Panthers. Not a day to remember for Cam Newton, who threw four interceptions, making his two rushing touchdown seem less impressive than they should be. For the Lions, who beat the Panthers 45-31, it was more than just the Stafford – Megatron connection. Matthew Stafford threw five touchdown passes and got intercepted twice, but spread the ball around, finding five different receivers (none of them Calvin Johnson) in the end zone.

Bills Fading

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Ryan Fitzpatrick was a pleasent surprise early on this season, like the Bills. Well, things change fast. The Miami Dolphins are no longer the easiest team to beat in the AFC East, now 3-7. Matt Moore does things he knows how to. Nothing complicated. Just what the team needs to win. Three touchdown passes, 14-20, and the Dolphins romped 35-8. Fitzpatrick? 0 TD, 2 Interceptions.

Joe Flacco Gets Enough Help, Dalton Doesn’t

Joe Flacco has been up and down this season. Changes to the scheme, new recivers, all true. Bottom line – The Ravens are 7-3, perfect at home, and Flacco is getting more and more from people not named Ray Rice or Anquan Boldin. Andrew Dalton (373 yards, 1 TD, 3 interceptions) is having a good, even better than that type of season, but life against the Ravens is more than hard. He didn’t get any help as well.

Someone Save Sam Bradford

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Sam Bradford is offered like a sacrifice lamb each Sunday to Defensive Ends and Linebackers. No Protection, no chance for the Rams, falling to 2-8, losing to the Seahawks. The Bradford Sack count? Five.

The Alex Smith Mystery

Somehow, the 49ers are 9-1. Alex Smith, while not brilliant, is simply good. Is a coaching change and some faith all a guy everyone stopped believing in needs? Stat line – 267 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. For the Cardinals, it’s just sad, all around the field, not just at quarterback. And to think they were the best in the NFC just over two years ago.

Right Now, the King

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Aaron Rodgers threw an interception! That’s amazing. A guy having a near perfect season can do wrong now and then. As usual, the Packer defense slept through the game until it really mattered. Rodgers threw for 299 yards and three touchdowns. A 112.3 QB rating. Jose Freeman wasn’t bad, with 342 yards and two touchdown. But those 2 interceptions…