The Growing Madness of Soccer Transfers

While prices of everything keep rising around us, from a simple vegetable to a night out at the movies, it’s always a shocker that inflation and these rising effects reach sports, sepecifcally soccer. Hey, if my salary has stayed the same for the last four years, why should guys be demanding (and getting…) 200,000 quid a week. I get exhausted just trying to calculate how long it’ll take me to make that much money. (HINT: Boss, I want a raise).

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Jordan Henderson left Sunderland this week, joining Liverpool for around 20 million pounds. He has played 71 Premier League games, two full seasons. He is a talented midfielder with a good chance of becoming England’s next man in the middle of the pitch. He will showcase his talent in the U-21 European Championship, starting tonight. Liverpool are flooded with money right now, and have already spent quite a few bills on another England hope but without too many games on his (fragile?) legs, Andy Carroll, 35 million pounds.

Now there’s Phil Jones, who seemed to be heading to the Red Devils for 20 million pounds. A 19 year old centre back with 32 league matches behind him. Potential? Not bad, although I don’t see what Alex Ferguson sees in players plenty of times. Look at him and guess where I am, so I don’t think I can argue with the greatest manager ever, even if he has had a few F’ Ups along the years. Well, I guess 20 mil isn’t enough for the lad. Blackburn want 25. I’m guessing that United, already on the verge of signing Ashley Young for that same amount (Young has a bit more impressive track record), will probably pay up for the Blackburn man himself.

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Neymar of Santons is probably going to cost around 40 million pounds. Brazilians, hyped Brazilian and Argentinian players, lets be accurate, are just as expensive as ordinary English player, maybe even more. The world is crazy, but the football transfer world is crazier. At least there are no lockouts.

The best player that has transfer rumors spreading around him is Javier Pastore. We’re mostly Juve supporters here at , so we’ll be the first to admit that the best player we’ve faced this season in the Serie A is Pastore. Sure, he’s not yet at that level where he’s the most dominant player on the pitch every time he’s out there, but Pastore is getting there. Palermo’s president said that a 50 million offer will be impossible to refuse. He also said that Pastore isn’t talking to him at all, only with his agent. I think he’s ready to leave. Maybe a bit too soon. Plaermo have great potential, and I’d love to see this side keep it’s players for once and maybe even challenge the Serie A title for once. Unlikely. We’ll probably see Pastore playing for some big club next year.

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It’s not going to get any better folks. Right now, it doesn’t look like the new financial rules and regulations from UEFA are holding anyone back. The transfer frenzy of the 2011 summer has already begun, and we’re only at the England U-21 players so far. Who knows what prices we’ll get to when the big guns hit the headlines.