5 Best Goals of Roberto Carlos’ Career

    Probably the best attacking left back of all time, Roberto Carlos will mostly be remembered for his incredible left foot and a set of great, seemingly impossible goals that sometimes defied physics and understanding, none better than his goal against France in a friendly with Brazil.

    Roberto Carlos’ most famous goal came while playing for Brazil during a friendly tournament against France, taking a free kick from over 30 meters out, hitting it with the outside of his boot, sending the ball swerving to the left side of the wall, onto the goalpost and into the net of the shocked Fabian Barthez.

    In that same season, his second with Real Madrid, Roberto Carlos scored a brilliant goal from a tight angle (understatement) against Tenerife in the Copa Del Rey, giving the ball an amazing curl once again with the outside of his boot from a zero angle.

    During his two seasons with Corinthians he got to play once more with Ronaldo, and although his tenure with the club ended by recieving threats from fans and leaving the club to Russia, Roberto Carlos did score one memorable goal against Portuguesa, connecting directly from the corner kick.

    Obviously, Roberto Carlos scored quite a lot of goals from a set piece, and few were as good as his rocket for Brazil in an easy win over China.

    Another one of his finest goal came in a 2-2 draw between Brazil and the Netherlands back in 1999, hitting one powerfully from inside the box, but the angle, the speed and the top corner made this goal rather special, as most of Carlos’ goals were.