2012 NFL Free Agency, Day 4 – Mario Williams Moves to Buffalo

Mario Williams is off the board, and the Buffalo Bills are the ones hoping that the post-injury Williams is the same guy that became the Houston Texans’ all time leading sacks leader and deserved the number one 2006 NFL draft pick. In the Peyton Manning front? The Titans still seem like the closes thing to a new home in a familiar division, on a relatively quiet day of NFL free agency.

Williams joins a program that doesn’t even remember what a postseason game looks like, and his $100 million, six year deal is one of the heaviest even loaded onto a program that’s in constant limbo regarding its future, with Toronto always looking very alluring just across the border. Williams is also guaranteed $50 million, just the third player in NFL history to get that kind of guarantee.

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Williams played only 5 games in 2011 before going down to a season ending injury, and has 53 sacks in 82 games for the Texans, making the Pro Bowl twice in 2008 and 2009.

Chad Henne, who lost all four games he started for the Miami Dolphins in 2011 before getting injured, makes a move in-state to the Jacksonville Jaguars, another program and franchise in talks of moving, mostly due to lack of interest from the local fans and the lack of success. A lot of teams were after the former Wolverine to be their backup quarterback, but the Jags signed Henne on a two year deal.

Kevin Boss making a couple of headlines actually shows how slow the news day really was. The 28 year old Tight End stayed in the AFC West after only one season with the Oakland Raiders, catching 28 passes for 368 yards and three touchdowns in 2011. He signed with the Kansas City Chiefs on a three year, $9 million contract.

The Saints didn’t wait too long to replace Carl Nicks, signing Pro Bowler Ben Grubbs from the Baltimore Ravens. The Left Guard has been with the Ravens since 2007 and will get $36 million on his five year deal. Evan Mathis of the Eagles seems to be the most likely player to replace Grubbs, a major factor in the success of Ray Rice, in the Ravens’ O-Line.

The 49ers have already franchised Goldson, and kept their best cornerback, Carlos Rogers, bringing in two vital parts of their fantastic defense in 2011 for another season. Rogers finished the season with a career best six interceptions, making his first Pro-Bowl and second NFL All-Pro team. He re-signed on a five year deal.

Steve Hutchinson, a 7-time Pro Bowler with the Seahawks and the Vikings, the highest paid guard in the NFL back when he signed with the Minnesota Vikings in 2006 will move to the AFC, signing with the Titans, many believing it a move to try and convince Peyton Manning they have the 0-line to take care of him. Hutchinson was released by the Vikings despite having one more year on his contract. The Titans gravely needed help in their blocking after being among the league’s worst in rushing last season with less than 90 yards on the ground per game.