2012 NFL Free Agency – Nothing But Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn dominated the NFL news-wire. Yes, it was such a slow day. In general, it was a quarterback kind of Sunday. Alex Smith went out to meet the folks down in Florida for the growing more desperate San Francisco 49ers, while Peyton Manning kept throwing for the Titans, who look like the closest thing to signing the biggest name on the free agent list.

Still, Flynn was the only actual player to get signed. He has two games in his NFL career, backing up Aaron Rodgers since 2008. He has some impressive numbers, including in this year’s garbage time game, throwing for an incredible 518 yards and six touchdown passes. A gunslinger? Or just the mentality of those non-importance games he got to play in?

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Either way, he was highly coveted among teams looking for quarterbacks. As it seemed like Peyton Manning is heading to Tennessee, it’s time to move on. The Seattle Seahawks, who need a quarterback, were desperate enough to go for Flynn, who might turn out to be the next Matt Cassel, just with less experience going in to a big contract.

Flynn got signed on a 3-year, $26 million contract. Not back for a guy with a 1-1 career record as a starter. Guaranteed? He has $10 million, choosing Seattle after also taking visits with the Miami Dolphins, who seem to be running out of options. The Seahawks shouldn’t be crowned as the best in the NFC West, because the 49ers have kept their important free agents – Carlos Rogers and Dashon Goldson.

Still, with Marshawn Lynch, a medium-plus receiving crew and a pretty good defense, Pete Carroll has a pretty good team under his hands to take out in the battle between former Pac-12 head coaches. Harbaugh has the edge, but right now he doesn’t have a quarterback. Smith might not be pro-bowl material, but he did a good job running that offense last season. Unless they’ve found someway to upgrade the position, I don’t think losing Smith to the Dolphins is such a good idea.