2015 College Football Season – Week 3 Rankings

Ohio State Buckeyes

Major changes in the top 25 for the first time as Michigan State move up to number 22, making it a 1-2 Big Ten since 2006 along with Ohio State. Ole Miss rise to a shared number 3 along with TCU following the Rebels big win over Alabama, who drop like a stone for 10 spots. LSU join the top 10 following the demolition of Auburn, as the losing Tigers fall out of the rankings, making way back for Stanford, climbing high and fast following their road win against USC.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes (42 First place votes), 3-0: Not the most convincing of wins for the national champions (20-13 over Northern Illinois) but enough to keep their top spot.

2. Michigan State Spartans (7), 3-0: A two spot move for MSU following a 35-21 win over Air Force.

3 (tied). TCU Horned Frogs, 3-0: Keep beating on the weak without impressing, this time against SMU, winning 56-37.

3 (tied). Ole Miss Rebels (11), 3-0: Beating Alabama 43-37 in Tuscaloosa will give you a nice boost. A 12-spot boost infact.

5. Baylor Bears, 2-0: Didn’t play, didn’t move.

6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 3-0: Playing with a backup QB, but still winning, this time against Georgia Tech 30-22 to move up two spots.

7. Georgia Bulldogs, 3-0: No move for Georgia following a 52-20 drubbing of South Carolina, carrying on with their sharp descent.

8. LSU Tigers (1), 2-0: The Tigers keep on moving up, dragged by Leonard Fournette, running all over Auburn in a 45-21 win, jumping up five spots.

9. UCLA Bruins, 3-0: The highest ranked Pac-12 team, moving up one spot, following a dramatic 24-23 win over BYU.

10. Florida State Seminoles, 3-0: A 14-0 win over Boston College results in actually falling one spot.

11. Clemson Tigers, 3-0: Neck and neck with their divisional rivals following a 20-17 win in Louisville, and no move in the rankings.

12. Alabama Crimson Tide, 2-1: The 37-43 loss against Ole Miss, their second in a row to the Rebels, results in a 10-spot drop.

13. Oregon Ducks, 2-1: Bounced back from their loss by beating Georgia State 61-28, falling one spot.

14. Texas A&M Aggies, 3-0: Move up three spots following a 44-27 win over Nevada.

15. Oklahoma Sooners, 3-0: A 52-38 win over Tulsa results in moving up one spot.

16. Arizona Wildcats, 3-0: Climbed four spots following their 77-13 win over Northern Arizona, an FCS team.

17. Northwestern Wildcats, 3-0: In a battle of quality academics, the Wildcats beat Duke 19-10 to move up six spots in the rankings.

18. Utah Utes, 3-0: A three-spot move up for the Utes following their 45-24 win on the road against Fresno State.

19. USC Trojans, 2-1: Messed up at home against Stanford, losing 41-31, resulting in a 13-spot drop.

20. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 2-1: The running game wasn’t enough against Notre Dame, losing 30-22, falling six spots.

21. Stanford Cardinal, 2-1: A 20-spot rise (back in the rankings) following their 41-31 win over USC on the road, kicking off their conference season quite well.

22 (tied). Wisconsin Badgers, 2-1: A two-spot upward move for the Badgers following their 28-3 win over Troy, and finally showing something in the running game.

22 (tied). BYU Cougars, 2-1: A three spot drop for BYU, falling against UCLA on the road 24-23, as their reasonable bid for an undefeated season falls short early again.

24. Oklahoma State Cowboys, 3-0: While the weak opponents are lining up, the Cowboys keep winning, moving up one spot.

25. Missouri Tigers, 3-0: Undefeated but unimpressive, winning 9-6 against UConn, falling three spots.

Dropped from rankings: Auburn

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