2015 NFL Season – Worst Players in Week 1

It’s easy to find the gems and best players of week 1 in the 2015 NFL season. It’s much more difficult and satisfying (we’re awful, we know) to point out the worst performers as the league opens its season, focusing on who disappointed us the most instead of the actual, absolute numbers.


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Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens: Flacco didn’t look good in the preseason, but hey, it’s the preseason, who cares? However, turns out sometimes things that happen in August linger on into September, as Flacco posted a 38.2 passer rating, completing just 56.3% of his passes and throwing two interceptions while getting sacked twice.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts: Luck got demolished by the Buffalo Bills, completing just 53.1% of his throws and throwing two interceptions to match his two touchdowns. He couldn’t get anything going further than 10 yards, in one of the worst offensive performances by the Colts since drafting Luck. But boy, can he tackle.

Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos: To complete the awful offensive game we witnessed in Ravens @ Broncos, Manning answered the doubters quite poorly. He got just 175 yards on 40 throws, was intercepted once with no touchdowns and was sacked four times, posting a 59.9 passer rating.

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Rookies will have bad days, but Winston really looked bad, especially compared to another rookie, Marcus Mariota. He threw an interception on his first play and finished the game with less than 50% on his throws, not showing great mobility either.

Running Backs

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Justin Forsett, Baltimore Ravens: Nothing worked for the Ravens offensively, as Forsett, who rushed for 1266 yards last season, was held to just 43 yards on 14 carries. He didn’t redeem himself in the passing game either, catching four passes for 13 yards.

Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings: So much hype, nothing to show for it. Peterson, playing his first game in a year, rushed for just 31 yards on 10 carries. He caught three passes for 21 yards. The Vikings offense looked awful.