FIBA Trying to Make 3-on-3 Basketball an Olympic Sport

One Basketball tournament in the Olympics isn’t enough, or no longer is. According to FIBA’s secretary general, they’re looking into adding a 3 on 3 tournament to the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, with FIBA trying to create a ranking system that determines the best 3 on 3 teams in the world.

Problems? A lot of people seem to be on board, as long as it doesn’t replace the basketball tournament but just comes as an addition. The ideas are already flying about how will it be implemented, with people hoping that countries won’t be limited to sending just one team. Like in table tennis, you’ll probably looking at an easy USA vs USA final if the seeding go the right way. Sure, it might give international sides more of a chance to be competitive, but it’s hard to see anyone beating a trio of LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Dwight Howard, for example.

And while the idea is to make basketball more popular globally, the chances aren’t that high. Why? Because it’s hard to see the Olympic committee taking a bite into something that’s a street-ball kind of event, across the world. There are no specific three-players team practicing solely for this event, which won’t get any kind of lift off without star power in it.

I don’t see three NBA players suddenly leaving everything and practicing their 3-on-3 skills for a month or two before the Olympics. Maybe it works better with an U-23 rule applied, or slapping the U-23 limitation on the 5-on-5 event and making 3-on-3 open for all. Many ideas to play with.

The bottom line for FIBA? Getting more countries involved in the Olympics, hoping that a 3-on-3 event will help nations that never or hardly make it into the Olympic basketball tournament will get a better chance. However it works, if this includes NBA players, than forget about it. Gold and silver as well to the USA, with Spain, France, Argentina or Brazil managing to put a trio good enough for bronze. Pretty much like in the regular basketball style.