3000 Hits Club

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    Derek Jeter joined the 3000 hit list with grand style, hitting a home run, just like Wade Boggs did. In honor of his achivement, here are all the members of the 3000 club.

    Cap Anson – The first player to reach the mark and one of the first superstars of Baseball. There are some controversies regarding the number, due to the way hits were counted back then (late 19th century) and some of his hits coming in the National Association.

    Honus Wagner – The Flying Dutchman spent most of his career (1897-1917) with the Pittsburg Pirates, winning the 1909 World Series. He also won 8 NL batting titles, hitting no. 3000 on June 9, 1914, finishing his career with 3415 hits.

    Nap Lajoie – The second baseman hall of famer got his 3000th hit while playing for the Cleveland Naps in 1914. He is also mostly remembered for his rivalry with Ty Cobb.

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    Ty Cobb – And Speaking of Ty Cobb, the Georgia Peach was the first player to reach 4000 hits (finishing his career 4189, second most all time). Cobb reached number 3000 in 1921, 16 years into his career. He still holds a few MLB records, including most batting titles (12) and highest career average (.366).

    Tris Speaker – The man who’s glove was known as the place “where triples go to die” had a mighty bat as well, finishing his career with a .345 average (4th all time) and 792 career doubles is still the most all time. He reached hit 3000 in 1925, finishing his career with 3514 hits and three World Series titles.

    Eddie Collins – The 1914 AL MVP, Collins is also 10th on the all time Hit list (3315). He also hit no. 3000 in 1925.

    Paul Waner – The 1927 NL MVP played from 1926 to 1945, mostly for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He finished his career with 3152 hits, making 3000 in 1942.

    Stan Musial – A lifer with the Cardinals, 91 year old Musial was recently awarded by president Obama with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He won 3 World Series, 3 NL MVPs and was 24 time All-Star. He hit no. 3000 in 1958.

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    Hank Aaron – Beginning his career in the Negro league, Aaron rose to to heighest peaks in Baseball, winning the World Series in 1957, making 25 All-Star games and holding the record for most Home runs (755) for over 30 years.

    Willie Mays – A 24 time All-Star, Willie Mays played for the Giants and Mets between 1951-1973, winning two NL MVP awards and one World Series in 1954. He hit no. 3000 in 1970, finishing his career with 3283 hits.

    Roberto Clemente – Starting out his baseball career in Puerto Rico, Clemente spent his entire time in the Major with the Pirates, winning the World Series twice, making 12 All-Star games and winning the 1966 NL MVP.

    Al Kaline – A lifer with the Detroit Tigers (1953-1974), Kaline was an All-Star 18 times. He won the World Series in 1968 and retired with 3007 hits, very shortly after reaching no. 3000.

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    Pete Rose – One of Baseball’s greatest ever but also tainted for life, Pete Rose in the MLB’s all time leader in hits. He played in 17 All-Star games at five different positions (1B, 2B, 3B, LF, RF) and won the World Series 3 times. He hit no. 3000 in 1978 during his first tenure with the Reds.

    Lou Brock – The man who broke Ty Cobb’s stolen bases record, finishing his career with 938, Brock won two World Series with the Cardinals. He hit no. 3000 in 1979, retiring at the end of the season.

    Carl Yastrzemski – A lifer with the Boston Red Sox, Yaz won the 1967 AL MVP and made 18 All-Star games. He is one of the few in the 3000 club with a career average lower than .300. He hit no. 3000 in 1979, finishing his career with 3419 hits.

    Rod Carew – An 18 time All-Star with the Twins and Angels, Carew won the 1977 AL MVP. He hit no.3000 in 1985, finishing his career with 3053.

    Robin Yount – Yount played his entire career with the Brewers, winning the AL MVP twice (1982, 1989). He made three All-Star games and finished his career with 3142 hits. He hit no. 3000 in 1992.

    George Brett – Brett played for the Kansas City Royals from 1973 to 1993, winning the 1985 World Series and the 1980 AL MVP. He is one of only four players with 3000 hits, 300 home runs and a career average of .300.

    Dave Winfield – Winning the World Series with the Blue Jays in 1992, Winfield played with six different teams, a rarity among most players on this list. He was a 12 time All-Star and number 3000 in 1993.

    Eddie Murray – One of the greatest Switch hitters, Eddie Murray finished his career with 3255 hits, hitting no. 3000 in 1995.

    Paul Molitor – Another played who won a title with the Blue Jays, Molitor hit no. 3000 in 1996. He finished his career with 3319 hits, retiring in 1998 after 21 seasons at the age of 42.

    Tony Gwynn – The first player on the list to actually play in the new millennium, Gwynn spent his entire career with the Padres (1982-2001). He was a 15 time All-Star and is currently the head coach of the San Diego State University Baseball team.

    Wade Boggs – Boggs played for the Red Sox, Yankees and finally the Devil Rays, winning the 1996 World Series. He was a 12 time All-Star and finished his career with 3010 hits, retiring three weeks after reaching 3000 hits.

    Cal Ripken, Jr. – Baseballs Iron man, Ripken was a 19 time All-Star but is mostly remembered for playing 2632 consecutive games, spanning seventeen seasons. His voting percentage during his first ballot induction to the hall of fame is the third highest ever (98.5%).

    Rickey Henderson – The man of Steal, Henderson still holds the Major league records for Stolen Bases, runs scored, unintentional walks and leadoff home runs. He won the 1990 AL MVP and won two World Series with the A’s.

    Rafael Palmeiro – One of only four players to hit 3000 and 500 home runs, Palmeiro made only 4 All-Star games (nothing compared to others on this list) and hit no. 3000 a month before retiring.

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    Craig Biggio – Twenty years in Baseball, all with the Astros. Biggio was a 7 time All-Star, finishing his career with 3060 hits. He played as a second baseman, catcher and outfielder throughout his career.

    Derek Jeter – A Yankee since 1996 and a 5 time World Series Champion, Jeter is only the second player to hit a home run on his 3000 hit.