Barcelona vs Juventus – The Infographic

A good way to prepare for the upcoming Champions League final featuring FC Barcelona and Juventus FC is a fantastic infographic, diving into the difference in players’ value, past achievements, statistics and some player comparisons.

Before you get the more fun visual data, a few things to keep in mind as the big day approaches: It’ll be a chance for Barcelona to win the title for a fifth time. More impressive will be their decade of European dominance, as a victory will be their fourth Champions League triumph in 10 seasons.

For Juventus, a loss would make them the biggest ‘losers’ on the continent. They’ve been to the final seven times now, winning only twice. A sixth would break the tie they have with Benfica for most losses in the European Cup/Champions League final, and put them on a perch of their own, although not a very respectable one.

UEFA Champions League Final  2014/15

Infograhpic via Guaranteetickets