5 Random Sport Links to Kick Start Your Weekend 1.5

Weekend’s here, and here our recommended links to fill up a bit of your time during this weekend. Enjoy and Relax.

What’s in a Football Game – A nice infographic from the Wall Street Journal website from 2010 but probably not too much has changed during the last NFL season, showing how much time is spent on each part of the game on screen. To sum up, we get under 10% of actual playing time during each broadcast.

Soccer Rainbow – Rainbows always look great in photographs, and this one above the stadium is one heck of a picture.

Real Football – Football around the world, soccer in North America. This example kind of gives a nice perspective about who is right.

Title Rings – If you’ve never seen a title ring up close, this is a good chance.

How not to lose your fortune – If you always wondered how multi-millionaires lose all their cash or if you’re athlete and don’t know how to keep your money, this is a great place to get educated.