5 Year Old Taekwondo Masters

Sports should be taught from a very early age. Not just because of skills, but because of the values they help you gain, for life. I think it’s even more prominent in martial art, with the discipline and rigorous training sticking with you for life. The beating you take every day also stick with you. Such is Taekwondo, as with others.

Well, not in the 5 year old version. I didn’t expect the little kids to go MMA on each other, but apparently, at that age, bunny hopping while flaunting and doing meaningless attempts at high kicks and spin kicks, are good for you.

Seriously though, this has go to be one of the funniest home videos, or gym videos, of the year. The parents cracking up as the kid in blue feebly attempts to bring on the pain while the kid in red, with the size advantage, just hops till the world ends.