NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins Really Impressed With DeVante Parker

DeVante Parker

It’s hard to really take anything that happens on the first day of OTAs seriously but if it’s any sort of indication, the Miami Dolphins should be very pleased with what DeVante Parker is showing them.

The rookie wide receiver is giving Brent Grimes a lot of problems in their practice sessions. Sure, Grimes, a 3-time Pro Bowler might be giving him an easier time than he would be if this was an actual game but Parker, who was on pace to having an incredible senior season with Louisville but had to settle for just 7 games with 855 yards and 5 touchdowns because of an injury, seems to be everything the Dolphins were hoping he’d be.

And there is pressure on Parker to succeed. He’s the 14th overall pick on a team that went 9-7 last season and is hungry for a playoff appearance. After the disappointment from Mike Wallace, there might not be a whole lot of patience for Parker to slowly figure things out. The Dolphins want a playoff appearance, and with Ryan Tannehill getting a massive contract extension, there’s plenty of pressure on him as well to deliver, through players like Parker.

Hat Tip: Armando Salguero